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If you can’t pay new increased fees apply to drop off schooling -Delta VC tells students



The Vice Chancellor of the Delta State University, Prof. Andy Ogochukwu Egwunyenga has said students who could not afford the new increased school fees to apply to drop off schooling and go to work, adding that when they had made a enough money they could reapply to be allowed to return to the University to continue their studies.

He went father to state that when you gain admission as a student ITI universities overseas you are allowed to study and work for twenty hours a week to raise funds for your education.

Congress gathered that the VC angrily told the students that those who could not pay the recently astronomically increased fees without prior notice, to apply to drop off schooling and go to work and when they have made a enough money they could reapply to be allowed to return to the university to continue their studies when he was confronted by the students of the Oleh Campus of the school last week. The students were enraged by this glaring not fatherly comment.

The VC spoke in a manner to suggest as if he was at any time a student either in Ghana or Cameroon or in the UK or United States of America.

Irked by this lack of empathy, some students decided to go to the internet to check his / biodata / profile. Alas, they said they were surprised that the VC, never at any time attended any university outside this country. His degrees were all from Nigerian Universities only – University of Lagos and Jos, period.

The VC, therefore , may not have understood the academic programmes in universities overseas.

According to a source who pleaded condition of annomity said: “In the US and many African Universities, four(4) programme requires students to enroll and pass 120 credit units only to graduate. Foreign Students are required to register for a minimum of four (4) courses which amounts to a total of 12 credit units. A regular semester is 15 to 16 weeks with actual real time continuous teaching and learning in a very comfortable learning environment.

“There are several easy jobs opportunities available for students who desires to work inside the University and outside, with handsome hourly remunerations paid as wages bi-weekly and so students can easily make cool good money for their tuition, housing , feeding , car and clothing. Abraka where “DELSU IS LOCATED” is a village at a Centre of no where. No industries, no flourishing business or part time jobs. The big village is dominated with native traders who even rely on students to purchase their goods. They are hungry when the university is on holidays or closed.

“The farm Lands are no longer as productive due to over farming as before, as many years back . Even now, herdsmen had taken over farm lands, killing and maiming at will. Is the VC pushing students to go to farm at night and go to classes in the day time? Being in mind that students are required to register for minimum, in most cases up to 8 courses or 20 credit hours per semester with most lecturers not teaching and semester reduced to less than eight(8) weeks of studies, if any.

“The VC failed to tell students where they will find easy jobs to do( May be yahoo yahoo plus) and find the 20 hours to work to find money for their schooling in the face of extreme hardship and in an environment where there are no jobs, even for those so impoverished and badly want to be engaged in dirty jobs.
It is in light of these facts that we the students believed that the VC’s suggestion is ill-advised and do not wish his students any good, to say the least.

“He may have to undergo training or retraining in the art and science of students management and university leadership to be able to run DELSU smoothly, effectively and efficiently”.

However, some students have also pointed out that most items in the school fees scheduled point to the exploitation of students and their parents.

A 300 level student in the Sciences who do not want his name in print added: “For example ,let say DELSU has a total enrollment of 25,000 students. Multiply this figure by the N8,000.00 for security each student is required to pay. That amounts to a whooping two hundred million naira( N200,000,000.00) for university security by a Vice Chancellor to be unaccounted for as a security vote ? This is invitation to maximum corruption into our universities already experiencing internal corruption”.

The students, therefore, called on all well meaning Nigerians and Nigerian students to put pressure on the Delta State ‘Rich Governor’ to save students from this impending disaster.

According to the students: “We humbly beg , since the reason of establishing the 3 new universities was not for revenue generation but to provide access, admission places for teaming Deltans who could not find a place in other Nigerian universities there must be moderation of fees in Delta State Universities”.

However, investigation showed that Andy Ogochukwu Egwunyenga obtained his Ph.D. in Zoology (Parasitology) in 1997 from the University of Jos, Nigeria.

He obtained his B.Sc. in Zoology (Second Class Upper Division) from the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 1982 and M.Sc.Applied Entomology and Parasitology (Distinction) from the University of Jos also in Nigeria in 1990.

He became a Professor of Parasitology in 2005 and is currently the Vice Chancellor of Delta State university.