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Ijaw National Leader, Dr. E.K Clark Backs Ijaw Publishers’ Forum, Urges Patriotic Ijaw Leaders, Stakeholders to Support




By Peters Monday, Abuja


The Ijaw National Leader and leader of the Pan Niger Delta Development Forum, PANDEF, Chief Dr. Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, CON, has thrown more weight behind the Ijaw Publishers’ Forum, IPF, following the group’s recent strategic visit at his Abuja home for collaboration, engagement, and guidance to continue their role as the third arm of the Ijaw emancipation struggle.


The Pan Niger Delta leader and former senator imparted his blessings upon IPF and encouraged them to embrace fearlessness, boldness, and courage. He advised them to stand firm in their commitment to truth and reject any form of bribery that could compromise the future of the younger generation.


He urged the Ijaw Publishers Forum not to rely solely on him for their voices to be heard.

Dr Pa. Clark addressed various issues and urged IPF to lead the intellectual forefront of the Ijaw people. This significant meeting coincided with Pa Clark’s 97th birthday, during which the Ijaw editors and publishers presented him with heartfelt birthday gifts.


While blessing IPF, Clark implored every patriotic Ijaw leader to wholeheartedly support the Ijaw Publishers Forum, urging them to consider Ijaw media houses as the primary choice for their media publicity. He commended IPF for their bold initiatives that have elevated the presence of the Ijaw people in the media industry.


In heartfelt gratitude, the group led by the President, Comrade Austin Ozobo, thanked Pa Clark for his unwavering support and selfless sacrifices for the Ijaw nation, the Niger Delta, and Nigeria as a whole. They pledged to make both Pa Clark and the Ijaw nation proud by actively engaging and dialoguing with relevant stakeholders to preserve the dreams of Ijaw self-determination.


The group further commended Chief Sheriff Mulade, the national coordinator of the Centre For Peace and Environmental Justice, CEPEJ, for his invaluable support and for facilitating the meeting between the group and Pa Clark.