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Inauguration: INC president, Okaba backs Ijaw Publishers’ Forum




By Miracle Esegha

The President of the Ijaw National Congress (INC), Prof. Benjamin Ogele Okaba, has backed the Ijaw Publishers’ Forum (IPF) and confirmed his attendance at their inaugural ceremony on February 29, in Warri, Delta State.

The endorsement came following an impactful meeting between the INC president Okaba and a delegation from IPF, led by Comrade Austin Ozobo, in Yenagoa on Monday. This endorsement, according to them held immense importance, given Okaba’s influential position as a foremost Ijaw leader and academic luminary.

Congress learnt that the inaugural ceremony had been scheduled to take place at the Chief Tunde Smooth’s Playground in Warri on February 29, 2024.

However, this endorsement signified the high level of acceptance of the forum by relevant institutions and personalities dedicated to the promotion and representation of Ijaw interest globally.

Meanwhile, the acceptance of the invitation by Okaba not only underscores his support for IPF but also highlights the importance of unanimous echoes of the voice of the Ijaw people not only within the Ijaw nation but across the global media space.

Ozobo, however, expressed the forum’s heartfelt appreciation to the number one citizen of the Ijaw apex body, promising that Chief Tunde Smooth’s Playground is expected to witness a gathering of prominent Ijaw figures, intellectuals, and leaders during the inaugural ceremony on Thursday.

This event promises to be a platform for constructive discussions, fostering a stronger sense of community and collaboration among the Ijaw people.

As the date approaches, anticipation grows for what is expected to be a historic moment for the Ijaw Publishers’ Forum, with the esteemed presence of Okaba and other dignitaries who are expected to attend the event.