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Israeli Agrees For Cease-fire With Hamas



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, stated that trading citizens for a cease-fire agreement with Islamist Hamas was the right course of action.

At a Tel Aviv press conference, he made this statement and emphasised that the conflict would not end when the deal to swap Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners comes into effect.

Netanyahu emphasised that Israel would not stop fighting until it accomplishes all of its goals.

It is possible to exchange up to 300 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails for up to 100 Israeli hostages.

Netanyahu declared that all efforts would be made to free all hostages taken when Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7, killing over 1,200 people, and he described the release of the prisoners as an ethical obligation.

The Gaza Health Ministry, which is controlled by Hamas, claimed over 16,000 lives killed in Israel’s counteroffensive that included artillery and ground forces, though this number was later contested.

The truce is scheduled to start on Thursday at 10 a.m. (0800 GMT), according to Hamas.

Regarding the exact start time, Netanyahu remained silent, and there was no official announcement regarding the timing of the citizen swap.

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