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IYC Western Zone: Olu-Derimon Is The Best Man To Spur Up Ijaw Struggle




By Timi Black

Let’s support and throw more weight behind Olu-derimon, he is visionary with his creative ideas, he is committed to the Ijaw development, he is the mandate to iron out our challenges with a professionally tailored solutions in the IYC Western Zone.

Comrade Olu-Derimon capacity has been tested and trusted in regards to the fact that the tenacity with which he has marvelously played his scorecard in the IYC is a testament to grace and lease our undivided support for him to become the Chairman Western.

Olu-Derimon Omaghomi is a conscious youth leader with an unshakable IYC compass to drive the Ijaw struggle in the Western Zone we can actually think off and he is a person of impeccable character.

You can only get a good leader by characterizing his past records, what inputs you have effected in your primary constituency?
It is a popular saying that “who wants to do pastor work must be able to discipline his home before coming outside” the man has a good track record we can reckon with as a leader in his Clan.

In the same vein, I’m tempted to observe a petrifying question when people are vying for public office. “have you handled any leadership position before? if yes, then show us your inputs, but my dear, the good thing is that Olu-Derimon is a paradigm we can allude to in his Clan.

However, In our Niger Delta present condition of things, we don’t have to consider someone in position by looking at his physical appearance but his ability to dispense the needed capability to handle the complex business of the IYC, because we already know our problems and we are looking for a sustainable solution to the developmental strides in our coastal communities.

Do well to support him for the Chairmanship race in Western Zone.
He is the man the cap fits.