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Kingship: Traditional Council of Egbema converges, set agenda for new king



By Timi Black & Anita Godfrey

The Traditional Council of Egbema kingdom has converged in Ofunama, the oldest community in the kingdom to decide who should fill the vacant kingship stool of the kingdom following the demise of the previous king, the Agadagba, HRM G.O.E. Tiemo (JP) Bini Pere III of Egbema kingdom.

The meeting was held in Ofunama, the oldest community in the kingdom on Saturday, July 9, 2022, to officially inform the next ruling house to nominate a person to occupy the vacant traditional tool.

Congress gathered the meeting which was convened at the instance of the Ama-okosuwei of Ofunama community Chief Abudu Eyetuoyo, being the oldest village of the kingdom was attended by prominent traditional chiefs of Egbema including High chief David Bubor, the Tori-puwei of Egbema Kingdom, High chief Owilli (JP), the Fun-puwei of Egbema, Chief Simeon Igbedikuru, the Perekoriwei of Egbema and a host of other Chiefs in the kingdom.

The Ama-okosuwei of Ofunama who made the official declaration on behalf of the kingdom said the move was to give effect to the customs and traditions of the kingdom as contained in the 1979 gazette of defunct Bendel State.

According to the Ama-okosuwei, the principle of rotation suggests clearly that the Ogbudugbudu ruling house is the next to occupy the kingship stool following the demise of the last occupant who was from the Obama/Polobubor ruling house.

The Toripuwei who doubled as chairman of the traditional council of chiefs reminded the audience that the two years period of interregnum as demanded by the kingdom’s tradition was over, adding that the selection process had begun.

He added that strict compliance with the requirements of the gazette was key to ensuring a peaceful transition.

The traditional council of Chiefs also admonished sons and daughters of the kingdom to support the process, noting that the benefits of having a king are numerous and invaluable. However, the pronouncement was unanimously adopted by all present at the meeting on Saturday.

Speaking at the meeting, Ogbudugbudu ruling house thanked the kingdom, assuring that the traditions of the kingdom would be complied with in nominating a suitable candidate for the kingship stool.

However, the highlights of the event included the presentation of kola nuts and assorted drinks by the host community (Ofunama) and the Ogbudugbudu ruling House. The meeting was brought to an end with a closing prayer offered by the Perekoriwei of Egbema Kingdom.

Recall, sometime in 2020, the Agadagba of Egbema, HRM G.O.E. Tiemo (JP) Bini Pere III of the Opuama/Polobubor Ruling House transited to join his ancestors. As customs demanded, the kingdom went through a two-year period of interregnum which had now ended with the commencement of the selection process.

The traditions of the kingdom as gazetted in 1979, stated that the order in which ascension to the traditional stool shall be in the following order to wit: Abadigbene/Jamagie, Ajakurama, Opuama/Polobubor, Ogbudugbudu.

Among members of the Egbema traditional council who converged on Saturday are: High chief David Bubor, the Tori-puwei of Egbema kingdom, High chief Owilli (JP) the Fun-puwei of Egbema kingdom, Chief Simeon Igbedikuru, the Pere-koriwei of Egbema kingdom, Chief Abudu Eyetuoyo, the Amakosu-owei of Ofunama community, Chief W B. Igbiriki (JP) member regency council, Egbema kingdom, Chief Hon. Lucky Tiemo, the Ebi-aye kobowei of Egbema kingdom.

Others were Chief Newton Tiemo, the Miyen- karamowei of Egbema kingdom, Chief Hon. Agagha D.K (JP), the Miyen-kirimowei of Egbema kingdom, Chief Festus Oduon, the Benkorowei of Egbema kingdom, Chief Tuesday Badi, the Dakiripagha of Egbema kingdom, Chief Israel Agadigha, the Tinwei of Egbema kingdom, Chief Joseph Fedisegha, the Bana-owei of Egbema kingdom, Chief Postmaster Ekpe, the Pere-biri diwei of Egbema kingdom, and

Chief R A. Ugborugbo, the Fiyekonwei of Egbema kingdom, Chief Gaius Uroupa, the Ibetari Boloi-wei of Egbema kingdom, Chief Pilot Ekpe, the Tun-terewei of Egbema kingdom,

Chief Emmanuel Akpabana, Chief Emmanuel Agbe,Mr. Amabolo Karaki, Chairman Ofunama community, Chief Mrs. Threepence Soko
and others.