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LG Poll: I’ll Organise “Special Day” to Celebrate Women, Youth, Children when elected -Ozobo



By Uncle T

A leading chairmanship aspirant of Burutu Local Government Council under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Comrade Ozobo Austin has promised that he will create a “special day” in every year to celebrate Burutu women, youths and children when voted into power.

The pledge was borne-out of his desire towards the empowerment of women, youths and children of Burutu Local Government Area.

According to him, women hold a key position in the socio-economic development of any society, at the household level, women are home builders and can support immensely, but also at the national level they can do exploit if well empowered, adding that women are known for financial prudence and are progressive in business, they are industrious people as such women empowerment would be a key investment in his administration when elected into office.

He also demonstrated his passion for youths’ development and empowerment. He said youths are the backbone of every economy. “It is only idle youths that could be lured into criminal acts”, he noted.

Ozobo said, the special day to celebrate the youths shall be a moment of empowering them mentally, emotionally, academically and socio-economically, stressing that his administration would be keen to address youths’unemployment, violence and underage pregnancies which led to school dropout, etc through well defined programs.

Thus, the development of entrepreneurial traits among youths and women would be his core concentration because this would in many ways solve the problem of unemployment and violence.

He further expressed his burning desire to tackle the prevalence ill circumstances surrounding the vulnerable children. “It is pertinent to note that the upbringing and experiences of childhood affects the general behaviour, perceptions and actions of one’s adulthood. As such, children ought to be given due attention by the government especially vulnerable children. One crucial role of every government is to create conducive learning environment for children”, he added.

“It has been observed that child education which is very important in shaping the individual has been neglected in different ways. Most children roam around the communities hawking during school hours while some doing nothing, especially at the rural areas and some communities do not have a functional primary and secondary schools to carter for the educational needs of children. Parents are not exempted; most parents especially at the rural areas do not value the education of their children”, he asserted.

According to him, such days are meant to address some crucial issues about the Burutu child.

He also emphasised that his promises were not mere human enticing words to buy the confidence of the public but are his primary goals to achieve when elected.