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Wike’s JTF FCT still fearful due to criminals on rampage



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

A Joint Task Force to address insecurity in the Capital Territory was announced ninety days ago by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Security Council, which is presided over by Minister Nyesom Wike.

The combined task force, which involves various security agencies, intends to confront issues of armed robbery, kidnapping and all sorts of crimes in the FCT.

After establishing the JTF, Wike stated, “We established a task force on those states that we share borders with.

“Joint security task force, including the SSS, the police, the army, the navy, and they have identified the way they will operate.

“To tell you that we are concerned, that is why we have to set up this joint task force for one-chance and border control.

“Again, you see a lot of illegal motor parks. When we come up with a policy that we can’t allow these illegal motor parks, people will come up to say the economy is hard, things are tough but nobody wants to look at it from the security implications.

“We are also planning to shut down some of these illegal motor parks.”
Many locals who contacted wiILY POST months after the Minister’s announcement claimed that criminal activity has not stopped.

A family of six was kidnapped in Abuja a few days ago, and the kidnappers demanded more than N60 million before releasing the family.

Media sources state that the kidnappers killed Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar, one of the abducted siblings, in toke order the to make family pay the ransom.

Nationwide outrage over Novereeha’s death has ensued, with the hashtag #Najeebahandhersisters trending on X.

Atiku Abubakar, a former vice president, has joined the trend as well.

Atiku claimed in a post that the incident demonstrated that bandits were free to operate throughout the nation.

“I am saddened by reports of the brutal murder of Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar, who was abducted with her siblings and has been in the custody of their abductors for almost two weeks.

“This is yet another reminder that kidnappers and bandits are operating unhindered in our country. The security architecture needs to be rejigged to the extent that it stems from the free rein of criminal elements and guarantees the safety of lives and property.

“The security agencies should step up action to rescue the rest who are still in the custody of the kidnappers,” the post read.

Although the Nabeeha case has gained attention, locals are concerned since this kind of crime has normalized and become the norm in the city concentratein d its outlying communities.

Three of the ten people that the kidnappers took from Sagwari Layout Estate Dutse, Abuja, were reportedly slain on Monday (yesterday).

Previous accounts claim that on January 7, the fearless assailants broke into the mansion with extremely advanced weaponry and kidnapped a minimum of ten individuals.

On Monday, there were reports that three out of the ten victims had been executed by the terrorists as a stern warning to their fafamiliesho were negotiating a ransom pa

They reportedly increased their demand from the initial N60 million per person to N100 million, now totalling N700 million.

While expressing worry over the developments, Uthman Samad, an Abuja-based journalist posted on his timeline: “Dear @GovWike, At this point, you need to leave Rivers politics and wake up to the cries of the residents.

“It has never been this worse in FCT. The rate of kidnappings in communities around law school is not funny again.”

“In the past, you hear about kidnapping in other places like Niger, Kaduna-Abuja Expressway— but now, kidnapping is everywhere. You are not even safe in your own house,” Kadiri Kenna, a resident of Karimo stated.

Mr Kenna further stated that residents now have to pay vigilantes in their neighbourhood for protection due to the failure of the federal government to protect them.

“At this point, you don’t even need anyone to beg you to pay the security levy,” he stated.

The apprehension is heightened in some of the satellite towns that are close to other neighbouring states, particularly those close to Niger State.

Chimeze Ofor, who built a house in Bwari, said he is reconsidering his decision and may consider moving his family out.

“The fear of demolition and the exorbitant rent in town (Abuja metropolis) were the two reasons that made me build my house in Bwari but with all these kidnappings, I think I made the wrong decision,” he said.

The high rate of crime has affected the once bustling nightlife of Abuja as many residents now live in fear of being victims of one-chance or kidnapping.

Meanwhile, a former Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Ali Pantami recently announced that N50 million has been raised for the release of the Al-Kadriyar.

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