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Man arrested for raping five-year-old girl



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

In Ibere, Abia State, a 35-year-old man known as “Yellow” was taken into custody for allegedly raping a 5-year-old girl inside a room.

Congress learnt that the suspect admitted to having sex with the helpless child after being viciously attacked by a vengeful mob that had caught him in the act. He claimed to had enticed the girl with groundnuts.

“Yellow,” who pleaded with the infuriated villagers for forgiveness, asserted that the “Devil” had tricked him into carrying out this horrible deed and that the rain’s chilling effect had increased his cravings.

He claimed that when he first saw the girl inside the building, he offered her some groundnut seeds. She then allegedly followed him inside, where he attacked her.

The suspect went on to say that throughout this heinous act, he made an effort to treat the child gently.

Nonetheless, an Ibere source claimed that the abused child’s family had taken her to the hospital right away so that she could receive emergency care.

The source added that local security guards received the 35-year-old rapist and gave him over to the police so they could launch a comprehensive investigation.

ASP Maureen Chinaka, the state’s police public relations officer, did not reply to messages pertaining to the incident, the state’s police command had not confirmed knowledge of it as of the time of this report.

The incident happened just four months after Chiemela Ekeke, 37, was found guilty of raping a 4-year-old girl and given a life sentence in Umuahia prison.

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