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N’Delta coalition condemns attack against Tompolo, Tantita by Oodua group, others



By Peters Monday, Abuja


Coalition of Edo Riverine Communities has faulted the continuous campaign of calumny against High Chief (Dr) Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo and the Tantita Security Company by Oodua Peoples Congress ( Reformed) and suspected failed ex-agitators.


This is according to a statement signed by its spokesman, Comrade Daniel Ezekiel which a copy of it was sent to newsmen on Saturday.


He said it behoves him to set the record straight by responding to mischief markers who are out of envy and want to pull innocent Tompolo down.


The statement reads, “It is irksome to reply and write always to set the records straight against disgruntled elements and nitwits who have chosen a livelihood of rabble rousing and campaigns of discredit. But for the popular saying that when a lie is repeatedly told, it could then be admitted as truth if not challenged, it is on the basis of this, that we will always counter the jobless fellows and debunk their frivolous claims.


“No Nigerian is unaware of the plight of the people of the Niger Delta and their sustained quest for better living conditions. Agitations for a safe and clean ecosystem, improved economic life and total well-being of the populace of the Niger Delta who are the proverbial geese that lay the golden egg, have been a recurring and unending outcry in the region. Against this backdrop, several regimes of governments set up interventionist agencies and programs to address the situation over the years.


“The administration of former president Muhammadu Buhari awarded a contract of surveillance of the nation’s pipelines to the Tantita security outfit owned by the revered High Chief Government Ekpemupolo after agitations led to series of attacks on oil installations which greatly sabotaged the nation’s economy, grossly reduced our GDP and eventually brought about recession.


“It’s glaring today even to the blind that the Tantita Security Services have lived up to expectations in curbing oil theft and safeguarding the ecosystem of oil-bearing communities, thereby moving the country’s oil production from a mere 500,000 to 1.5 million barrels per day.


“This great feat made the federal government under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu renew the same contract for another three years. This decision by the federal government is what expectedly burst the bubble of oil thieves and Charlatans ex-agitators leaders, whose stock in trade ranges from lie, blackmail and envy to arm twist government into doing their nefarious bidding.


“These two groups seeing accolades pouring in for Tantita for a job well done which is detrimental to their agenda, decided to raise all manners of fake civil society groups as the media attack dogs to threaten the peace of the land.


“Blinded by their jealousy and wickedness, they feed Nigerians with lies and unfounded stories about Tompolo. These shameless lot kept mum all through when the late Captain Hosa ran same contract for years. Foolish Oodua People’s Congress joining the fray to wag their tail like a sheep that is been taken to slaughter ground spoke about wanting to control Ilaje axis.


“It is on record that the person in charge of the above mentioned area is Chief Asonja Idowu, Ilaje son from Oil rich Ugbo kingdom, so what else does this group of miscreants want, if not that they were been used for a sinister goal. Why are they blind to Olu of Warri, whose company is awarded the same contract ? They will never because they are empty, petty and have no basis for their ”pull him down at all cost” campaign.


“Furthermore, it is pertinent to remind Mr President of the consequences of the actions of these spoilers and unscrupulous elements. The former government, headed by President Muhammadu Buhari in the early part of his administration, fell for the thug’s craftiness and shenanigans, which plunged the nation into a catastrophic state never seen in the history of the country .


“We humbly urge Mr President to continue to ignore the urchins for they eke out a living out of these dubious and shameful means. Tantita Security outfits have come to stay with the impeccable work they are doing. Their evil machinations can never override the good of a larger society”.



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