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N’Delta communities throw weight behind Tinubu’s coastal road project




By Stephen Asaba-ase

A coalition of riverine communities in Edo State has endorsed President Bola Tinubu’s visionary coastal road project, which will span the Niger Delta region. During a press conference in Benin City, the coalition’s National President, Comrade Ipiteikumoh Godfrey Owei, expressed the communities’ enthusiasm for the project, stressing the need to “prioritize development over politics.”

The coalition commended President Tinubu for initiating the project, which aimed to address the region’s long-standing infrastructure gap. “Despite contributing significantly to Nigeria’s wealth through oil for over 50 years, the Niger Delta has received minimal development,” Owei observed. “We applaud the President for taking on this critical project.”

The coalition’s Secretary, Mr. Samuel Uroupa, emphasised the project’s potential to stimulate economic growth and reduce travel times for riverine residents. “It’s unfair to criticize the project simply because it will improve the living standards of Niger Deltans,” Uroupa stated. “If our region’s wealth can transform Abuja, we see no issue with borrowing to finance this project.”

Other coalition members, including Hon. Ezekiel Daniel and Hon. Ayidi Ikiyokepere Sunny, expressed frustration at the region’s neglect despite its oil wealth and urged support for the project. They cautioned contractors and consultants against delivering subpar work, warning that they would resist any attempts to shortchange the Niger Delta people.

The coalition encouraged President Tinubu to remain committed to delivering the coastal road project on time and within budget, praising the initiative as a catalyst for development. They also urged the Federal Government to complete other abandoned projects in the region, which will create jobs and enhance the standard of living for Niger Delta residents.