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North Central APC Demands For Regional Govt





By Stephen Asaba-Ase


The North Central All Progressives Congress (APC) Forum has demanded that the regional system of government should be adopted in Nigeria following what it terms as the marginalization and exclusion of the region due to the absence of quality human and natural resources endowment.


Congress news gathered that on Friday in Jos, the Plateau State capital, on a compelling national issues, the forum’s Chairman, Alhaji Saleh Mandung Zazzaga, noted that the governance structure in every region to take care of their needs using their natural and human resources to develop their region, this is obviously the only available option, since the regions had been allegedly marginalised in the vital scheme of things in the country.


The chairman said the region could use its educational quality, natural resources, political prowess and agriculture to develop itself and have a better society.

“Our call for the regional government has become existential due to the relegation of the North Central region.


However, he emphasised further that the North Central has contributed immensely to the growth of the nation, in terms of agriculture, education, natural resources, political contributions and national leadership, among other vital national contributions, but end up been marginalised over the years.


The region, for instance, is the food basket of the nation, especially the active agricultural contribution from Benue, Plateau, Niger, Kogi, etc, but our agricultural strength is not maximize at the national level to take care of the food security of our region.


“we have natural resources like tin and other natural resources, which can sufficiently take care of the economic needs of the regions, but it is not well utilized for the economic prosperity of the people.


“The democratic dispensation from 1999 till now, the region has contributed to the growth of democracy and the provision many national leaders as well as presidents, but, the marginalization of political appointment. An instance is the recent contentious APC National Chairmanship position taken to North West instead of being maintained in the North Central region according to the party political arrangement.


“So, after a careful examination of the continuous marginalization, despite our Natural resources and contributions to national development, we the North Central APC Forum is demanding that the regional system of government should be adopted.


“Meanwhile, the federal government would still be responsible for matters of national security, foreign affairs, and regulation of interstate or inter-region commerce, while the regions would have powers to administer their respective regions,” he said.


Furthermore, Zazzaga pointed out that the region’s mission is to uplift the North Central zone, stressing that members are always initiating political and economic activities that would benefit the region.

According to Zazzaga, as loyal APC leaders they have been working for the success of the North Central region and have been working hand-in-hand with leaders of other parties and stakeholders alike from the region irrespective of ethno-religious or political affiliations


He equally stressed that using their forum to project the North Central region is legitimate, and that even among the governors, legislators and local government chairmen.

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