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NLC President Denies Alleged N105,000 Minimum Wage Proposal 





By Stephen Asaba-Ase


The President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, Joe Ajaero, has debunk the reports of the organized labour demanding N105,000 as a new National minimum wage from the Nigerian Government.


Ajaero said the N105,000 minimum wage was not from organised labour Union agreement with the Nigerian government.


He spoke at a press conference after the tripartite committee meeting on Thursday that N105,000 proposed National minimum wage was not from the Nigeria labour Congress demand.


The meeting included all committee members, started with a joint closed-door session that lasted roughly three hours.


Meanwhile, Ajaero said, “They have entered now, you can see them. They will come out later to present it to the general house for discussion.


“We are all praying that everything shall be settled by the end of tomorrow (Friday). That’s a wish for all of us. But the Information on N105,000 National Minimum wage is not before us, either officially or unofficially. We are still hold our position before now, having not presented it to us.


“Until it is made public, we can’t say the government has a position.” he added.