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A land that births warriors and patriots, soaked with strength and bravery. Their strength lies for the common guidance of the kingdom, invaded for the interest of the birth of a new glorious kingdom.


We do not produce Kings but we are makers of kings and our strength flows in our blood to guard and protect what we have made.
We are the Okerenkoko people, wide open to the sea with our two eyes to see our foes and friends, the trees do cover our views, our forefathers guard us in our adversities. For we are the Okerenkoko people, from the creek to rivers, the Island blessed with milk and honey surrounded by mangrove.

Generosity and strength are our building bricks to climb. Once we make Kings, we watch over the Throne with our hands, in love we live as one united front.

We are Gbaramatu people!

That is the home of Tompolo, the head of the holy wizardry, strength upon strength to watch the lands of the whole kingdom. Nations upon nations, one could be tempted to ask, “is this the town our progenitor Izon came back to rest on the mother Earth?”Also, that is the home of Chief Dennis Otuaro, simple and tough, guided by principles of decisiveness, integrity, freedom and honor. Yes, Fibagha-ogbo, when the wind blows, the sky too obeys its look and works according to his commandments. He is a disciple to King Maker, Odokorikodo, the eyes that sees both the living and the death.

Here lies a hero which passage of time is unknown. That is the home of Aaron Bebenimibo, Tiger begat Tiger, that is the land of Okerenkoko, the Hero who sleeps but his eyes are still opened.

Yes, it is the home of the living legend who watches over the dead and the living, that is Tompolo. The Timeless human deity that exist in a timeless world, Chief Dennis is a Okerenkoko breed.

Where is Chief Daniel Ekpebide the Orator who speaks with passion, to guard his forebearers world and that is the home of Chief Alfred Bubor the Historian who made history before the creator of his progenitors, is Okerenkoko blood , and Chief Osen Thomas Ekpemupolo, the father to the King of all Oracles and the custodian of the old religion, which power whitening over his offsprings to watch over Kings when Kings are made, Okerenkoko, that town is small and big for men who have eyes to see.

Speak through me so I write, for many they shall come and invade but no enemy shall conquer.

Okerenkoko! Okerenkoko!
The Home of Dr. Paul Bebenimibo, the line of simplicity and wisdom, the news that hold the voice of the hero.

Yes, Chief Simeon Bebenimibo, the return of peace and battle, for our home shall be guarded with strength and love.

The Piniki’s, the returners of the new faith to Okerenkoko, a world that represents new and old beliefs.

Okerenkoko, the home of Chief Jacob Odiki, the hands that serve the spirit in both flesh and blood in all libations, strength and power with low voice. The home of the Johnny’s strength and valor! Yes, Mosco Johnny, a man with Lion blood, his courage is beyond fear, his eyes ready for battles, and song of victory, unsung hero of heroes.

Yes, George Ekpemupolo the dual soul, the line between reconciliation and development,
The head of Amapinade Uge in Okerenkoko, The gateway to two Nations. His passion to hold his father’s legacy continue in his estate.

Tangbewei’s, that is the spirit of happiness and jubilation, yes, Chief Vero, the woman of all women, an adorable mother whose voice is obeyed by all lovers of peace and harmony, Mother Okerenkoko.

Chief Kestin Pondi, the treasury to the spirit world, when Beni- ebi goddess supplies supplication he keeps it without words in his bank of wisdom, he is a grandson of Okerenkoko.

Tare Pondi, the warrior that represents the new generation when the olds seat on the mountains.

Yes Hon. Julius Pondi the political eyes of the Okerenkoko land. His Voice to is stable the unstable riverine education.

Victor Ebikonde Sokoto, newness in character and sensibilities, the future holds Strong leadership for tomorrow.

The Tonlagha’s, the store room to the oil that flows in the kingdom, the resource centre to the true happiness of the economy of the people.

Okerenkoko, the home of Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, the path way to governance, a symbol to build new bridges to replace those destroyed throughout all the stages of evolution. The new beginning of Democracy to both lands and waters.

Okerenkoko is a home of all what made men to grow to build the new face of our existence.

Okerenkoko, the home flows with the BLACK GOLD that brings in war and destruction by the Federal Government but when the people speak of Development, they bear the first brunt, that gave birth to the long walk of freedom in the Niger Delta region.

Are you going to Okerenkoko? You must go with clean heart or you fall into the unusual waves around Ofiuo, the river before your foots set upon the land. Okerenkoko is the land that host the Maritime university, the new face of riverine education, as the old struggle fades away, education takes over the land.

Yes, the Maware’s and the German’s, the Faith that infused with spirit of Zion and the Bible, yes that is the Israelites spirit in Okerenkoko.

Yes, the Oturubos, their gentility and peaceful dispositions is the new spirit of Okerenkoko.

As Osen lies cold on the land with his ancestors that marks the end of war and peace return to the land.

Yes, Okerenkoko is a town in Gbaramatu kingdom in Ijaw Nation, Warri south West LGA of Delta State Nigeria, build with strength, love, beliefs and undivided love no matter the internal war, their unity vax stronger, which brings progress to all.

They all are descendants of the Fiyewei, of Gbaramatu Kingdom, the new holly pilgrim land of Izon-be of our tradition.


Keme gbiri-gbiri, keme gbiri-gbiri,


Federal government thought, they came to destroy Okerenkoko community in 2009, but Okerenkoko resurrected to the envy of other towns developmentally.

A town that love themselves than others.

In all the King is the eyes of the land, they are all the children of the Agadagba AKETEKPE the Pere of the kingdom.

All those names that flips away from my tongue and memory, history holds them in pleasure.

Chief Dennis Otauro created the Opium to thy soul while I write as the Talking Drum of the Niger Delta region.

Asiayei Enaibo,
The Talking Drum writes from GbaramatuVoice Media Organization