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There are so many debtors in the global world with a lot of collateral that could not meet the needed requirements to pay their debts.

In the world of debtors within the context of best experienced debtors that have openly come up to share their secrets to teach the world of their experiences could be Chief Joseph Ekeremienye and Enaibo.

Chief Joseph is the only known first debtor within the Ijaw race that has come out openly to share his fears and restlessness attached to his debt. In the risk of survival, yes, the world is full of risk in all dimensions.
The safewei in the world of Joseph Ekeremienye is the best philosophically thoughts that opens up the traumatic experience globally into creative pleasure of life and the bitterness. The pains Joseph Ekeremienye encountered is slightly different from my own debt I am owing to pay my beloved wife without collateral.

Yes, a debt I am traditionally obligated to pay my wife is a responsibility that awaits every man from inception of creation. An untraceable debt infused on man by God.. There are debts that are good and bad; mine is a good debt but Joseph Ekeremienye encountered a bad debt at Okpokunu Community in Eseimbiri Kingdom in Burutu LGA that made up to hide under Cassava farms and ontop of ceilings whenever the creditor approaches the same he walks on.

There are so many comfortable debtors of my category as men that are living freely without stress for the comfort of the family background that gives them their daughters as their potential inlaws within the institution of marriage, some pay at old age, some are debt free men.

Whenever discussions are carried out within the dialectic of both husband and wife at home, the wife quizzically reminds you, have you paid Mr Man? In this institution of marriage, you keep the gospel of my wife and my children proudly in the gospel of life, yes, without collateral, some kind of family will not bother you until you get yourself prepared but the man is always conscious of his own debt. Some are not always willing to accept the responsibility of paying a debt owed to their wives. In the words of Ekanpou, the joy is that “every thing has a cosmically fixed retirement age.”

It is only Joseph Ekeremienye’s debt that often see his creditor and run helter skelter but the matrimonial debt of Enaibo, the Talking Drum owing his wife at home is a debt the debtor happily returns home at every time to see the face of his creditor with children counting one to three without fear from the background of my wife’s family. Yes, my children: Peremobowei, Funpere and Izonpere Asiayei will witness the dance of their parents and probably see the history to be told for the day their father knelt before their mother to pay his debt, a story with first hand information.

However, I fear the tears and pain of Joseph Ekeremienye of Okpokunu and Ayakoromo for his restless fear of the creditor who couldn’t allow him to drink even a cup of water that deprived him of not eating a good meal but leaves in fear. My wife thank you, your peaceful approach to my daily jumping journalistic coming and going made me look good like Eyeoroghakeme with unpaid debt full of happiness.

Yes, it is time to pay my wife’s debt from Ayakoromo, Akparemogbene community in Burutu LGA of Delta State.
The Ekanpou’s dynasty of Izon family is a very kind, simple family; whenever a man is indebted in that family, you are given the whole freedom of your life to plan on how you could pay your debt without any interference. It is my wife’s right to tie the ‘Onigbaige’ cloth attached to every married woman as a certificate of marriage in Ijaw tradition.

Yes, for over seven years, I have been a debtor, constantly reminded playfully by the CEO of GbaramatuVoice, in every bit of matrimonial conversation, my wife was deliberately used as a reference point to an extent that it provoked the listener, so the publisher responded always — my wife, my wife, have you paid?

I laughed quizzically.

That conversation of pleasure and pain built my preparation over the years. The more I planned without the knowledge of my creditor, the plans failed, without the creditor asking me to pay. I owe God and man this traditional obligation to pay my wife’s debt. The joy is that a long chain of humanity is joining me on this friendly canoe to pay my wife’s Debt.

My long awaited hope was when Otuaro becomes the Governor of Delta State, to go and invite the Governor and his political associates to join me in paying my wife’s debt and dance to free my legs from the debt I owe the family of Ekanpou and appreciate their calm and loving disposition as a family in Akparemogbene. Yes, Delta Ijaw 2023 put me into trauma, the hope remains that His Excellency Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, the deputy governor of Delta State will come and join me to pay my wife’s debt without collateral for the long journey to free myself from the list of men of matrimonial debtors.

Yes, to Kingdoms I have been in service, to Gbaramatu Kingdom over the years; I have served the Ogulagha Kingdom for over the years, the Egbema Kingdom, the Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom, the Akugbene Mein Kingdom, I have also served the Niger Delta region, the Ijaw Nation, why can’t they reciprocate to Join me in this Akparemogbene boat of love? Ngbilebiri Kingdom, Ayakoromo, Obotebe Kingdom, Oboro in Eseimbiri Kingdom in which I look forward as my ancestral lands to join me as I pay the debt I am owing my wife on the 6th of November 2022 at NNPC junior staff club, Bendel Estate Effurun.

Thus, that is the day Traditional council of chiefs, comrades, patriots, nationalists, Royal Fathers, families, freedom fighters, politicians, journalists, researchers, scholars, Bini-ebi Madinorbo chief Priest, Akparan priests, Pastors and mystics will witness and sign the column that Asiayei Enaibo the Talking Drum has paid his wife’s debt and he is free to make his valid contributions in the institution of marriage without certificate, although he has three certificates from his wife without paying school fees. This alone would have amounted to “Gbanasa” in Ijaw, but the family said no Gbanasa, for my joy is expressed mentally to the family when I saw the list.

It was a long journey in the academic service of Ekanpou Enewaridideke as a disciple featured in his articles, the sailing home of Ekanpou from Bobougbene to Akparemogbene by the same Enaibo, yes, I saw an apple growing up in his family before my very eyes so I rewarded my labour without the knowledge of the master, his niece, today, now his friend and inlaw, more in African Magic series. Is Ekanpou Enewaridideke aware that his literary student is coming to pay his debt in his family? My deep Sense of loyal friendship and in-law sensibilities remain.

Join me in kindness as I pay the debt of my wife Ms. Emily Tam Ekanpou to be in the league of responsible inlaws and men with certificate of marriage as an ancient custom in the global institution of marriage.

It is just myself and Chief Joseph Ekeremienye, the Iconic Ijaw musician who can come out proudly to tell the world the experience of being a debtor without being ashamed to say it and teach the world a moral lesson of sweet and bitter experience.

I have boasted polygamously in public places within my father’s peaceful polygamous background that if my father could marry twelve wives, why can’t I go for at least six wives but even for one I am indebted to pay. Then if we are talking about heroes of our society, let us crown polygamus men as kings in our community for their administrative debt free honor.

The hunter boast at home, but no more at this moment. Kudos to chiefs who are in this league of business in this soared economy of Nigeria. Story to be continued after the marriage.

Dear Alfred Izonebi, it was my plan to bring you on stage of my day to pay my wife’s Debt in Warri, but I plan to wear shoe according to my size even though the shoe seller is my friend, in Ijaw proverbial adage, you do not climb a local kitchen cabinets if your hands are not up to it, not to avoid falling to injure yourself, so I have made my plans with my brother Peter MD to entertain me as I come out to pay my wife’s Debt musically.

“Bralagha-eri, evin tanghan”

Keep the date as I express mental appreciation from the bottom of my heart. Chief Joseph Ekeremienye reminded me of his experience so I write to pay my wife’s debt in joy, while Chief Joseph runs and hide debt battle in his song “Safeowei”

The preparation of Bobougbene Community to storm Akparemogbene is another fear to me.

Safi-owei, bo eni sagbe oooo.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum writes from GbaramatuVoice Media Centre