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(Opinion) 2023: Beware of scammers, yahoo politicians, leaders, By Enekorogha Godbless



As the Nigeria political market in 2023 draws closer, market officials ( INEC) announce the date for the market to be traded in 2023. The political market ‘Sellers’ and their agents have strategized diverse means to advertise their various political products to influence the buyers, especially on social media and door to door advertisement.

This advertisement drew my attention to stipulate another article titled BEWARE OF SCAMMERS (yahoo leaders) in the Nigerian political market. As we know, the Nigerian political market is one of the biggest and largest political markets traded in the world with enormous voodoo and deceit once every four years.

Consequently, thus I implore all Nigerian adult citizenry, especially the youths who have registered and are yet to be registered with the market officials INEC to be aware of and be careful with sellers and their agents they ‘kowtow, succumb and sign a treaty of trade with. For not all that glitters is gold.

Beware of these sellers and their agents who will come to you and tell you to invest now in their political products and get a double reward, these sellers and their agents are yahoo sellers (scammers/419) and they are more dangerous than the devil and more venomous (poisonous) than the serpent. They are doing this just for their egoistic interest to jeopardize and cause peril in our political society. Believe me, they do not have you at heart.

Take note that no man deceives thee. Never trade with any political seller you have traded within the previous Nigeria political Market that made no impact on you. Flee from such sellers who sell fake products to people in the Nigerian political Market because they are ready to use any stratagem, obfuscation and voodoo for you to buy from them again. Remember the past and present is used to forecast the future and if you are not careful, history might repeat itself.

Beware of them for they are coming and are ready to make any kind of promise to you in getting your PVC. When they come to ask them what they did with your PVC in the previous political market. If there is no genuine impact, flee from them.

To all Nigeria adult citizenry that has been isolating themselves to trade in the Nigeria political market, I beseech thee to get registered with the Market officials and get your PVC because one cannot afford to isolate himself/herself from the Nigeria political market because whatever decision or political product bought massively in the 2023 market has a positive or negative effect on you and the society.

Above all, beware of scammers and their agents advertising political products for the forthcoming Nigeria Political Market 2023.