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Outrage as man murders wife with snake bite



A woman, ’25’, has been murdered by her husband with a cobra bite in Indian.

It was gathered that an Indian court, on Wednesday, pronounced double life sentence to a man who murdered his 25 years old wife through a cobra’s bite while she was in her sleep.

The man who is identified as Sooraj Kumar, 28, was arrested at his home in Southern Kerala State in 2020 after his wife died from the snake bite.

The court held Kumar guilty for poisoning his wife and making an earlier attempt to kill her using a Russell’s viper.

The trial Judge, M. Manoj, jailed the accused to two consecutive life sentences, but did not accept the prosecution’s demand for capital punishment considering his age and opportunity for reformation.

The woman suffered the fatal bite in May 2020, while she was undergoing treatment for the snake bite just weeks earlier. Her family became suspicious of him.

However, preliminary investigations showed that Kumar was behind both attempts. He hatched a plan involving renting snakes from a handler and carrying out an internet research on their bites.

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