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Wives of a man who travelled abroad remarried upon return after 47 years



By Timi Black

A Kenyan man ’84’ Mr Peter Oyuk, who travelled broad for greener pasture, was surprised to have returned home after 47years to discover that his two wives had been remarried.

The country’s Newspaper, the Standard reports that the octogenarian left his home, Makale village in Malava, Kakamega in 1974, precisely when he was 37.

The report said he left home after telling his family that he was traveling for a white collar job abroad to provide for his two wivies and five children but never returned till after 47years.

Oyuka reportedly visited Kakamega in 1983, 1992, and 1996, but never visited his home. The wives felt abandoned after many years he left them and got remarried.

It was gathered that Oyuka returned to his village on Sept 21,2021 and he was hardly recognized by his people.

He was told upon return that the wives he abandoned had long remarried and had decided to moved on with their lives.

Source said the family killed goat for cleansing to accept him home according to the Kenyan tradition.

The Octogenarian told reporters that he was grateful that his family had accepted him back. But he said he was surprised that his wives did not wait for him.

“I wish my wives could be here today to greet me,” he said.
“I wish my two wives the best of luck in their marriages. But I’d like them to know that I’m still alive and that they should make time to come and see me,” he stated.

It was learnt that he ended up living in a neighbouring country in Tanzania for the past 13years after shifting home from abroad.

However, his first son abandoned is now 53years. He also ended up returning home with sick health and extreme poverty which he was running away from at home in Kenya.

When asked, he said the little money he made from Onion farming in Tanzania was spent on his failing health.

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