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Ozobo celebrates Daniel Ezekiel on birth anniversary



By Timi Black
Chief Correspondent

Foremost Niger Delta rights activist Comrade Ozobo Austin has congratulated Comrade Daniel Ezekiel, SSA to the governor of Delta state on security matters on his birthday anniversary.

It was learnt the Okowa security SSA, Ezekiel was born on new year day which is January 1st into the family of Daniel in Egbema Kingdom.

The activist while celebrating him, said he (Ezekiel) had played a vital role in advancing the Niger Delta struggle in advocacy.

Ozobo added that Ezekiel is an Ijaw illustrious son who has make Ijaw nation proud in speaking out to power and authorities.

His words: “Today is your birthday anniversary, this is happening exactly on new year day. It gives me joy and I feel elated for seeing you in 2022. Many plan to see this day but life enemies took them away. Many equally see today in hospital bed, while some others in prison. It is not by power or strength you see this day but it is by the grace of God that sustained you. Whether food or no food, there is a reason to praise God. As our people say, when there is life there hope. I celebrate you. Welcome to 2022!.

“However, You have played a vital role in advancing the Niger Delta struggle. Though, many see you to be very controversial and others see you to be a trouble maker. However, these opinions are personal. It has nothing to do with your beliefs. I celebrate you because, you are a proud son of Ijaw nation.

“But I urge you to reflect on your pathways in 2021. Reflect on the errors and achievements. And amend those areas that need amendment. Making amend is part of a learning process. It happens to everyone. It will help you to achieve more and lead better.

“I know, your coming to this world is not by accident. God has a purpose for creating you in this part of the world. And I have witness such purposes in your life. Don’t relent, pursue and overtake. It is allowed. You have been a great companion.

“Your appointment as SSA is not by mistake, it is the will of God. Work in God’s plan in 2022. Reconcile with everyone you have offended and build more bonds. Together we can move the world. Double portions of blessings shall envelope you as you mark your birthday. I wish you glorious and prosperous birthday celebration. Happy birthday! Happy new year!.


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