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Anxiety as deceased Pere Bigborogha ll visits kinsman



By Timi Black
Chief Correspondent

Tension is heightened in Ngbilebiri kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta state as the late Pere, Hitler Perekeme, Bigborogha ll appeared to descendant and warned leaders and descendants over the delay in organizing his funeral rites in the kingdom.

It was gathered that the king, over four years of his demise,has not been buried due to some unrealistic controversies rocking the kingdom.

The late king swiftly called on descendants and leaders of the kingdom to organize his funeral to escape the impending danger.

The king who appeared to Comrade Asiayei Enaibo, a descendant of the kingdom in the dream lamented: “When I was a king, I had not cried, but I have cried from Duamabou (land of the dead). I come to you today turn your ears to me. Hear my frequency of pains, anguish, and rejection. Please tell my children too, I am in pain, I have no stool to seat. Since my death I have been standing awaiting my burial so I could seat on the sit of my ancestors in Duamabou. My hands, my legs, my mouth, I am voiceless, under the rain, sun and cold, like an orphan I stood, my royal hat value has lost. What dispute is going on that cannot be settled to give me peace after about 36 years of my royal service?”.

His words: “Talking Drum help me tell Tompolo to tell Chief Papa E.K. Clark that I have not been buried, if I cry from here Ngbile throne will lost it value. Help me tell Amb. Dr. Godknows Igali to tell Chief E.k Clark, the king has not rested since I joined the league of ancestors. Tell the chiefs, tell Kings, I need to rest in peace.

“My son, I decided to speak through you, hold my words firmly and fear not, your courage and thinking are guarded by the cosmic forces beyond your eyes.

“I need to rest, I need to rest, Kings do not cry, but I am suffering. Two times I have suffered. Tell my children, prince and princess, let them tell Tompolo, Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, it was his father here in Duamabou that made the suggestion to me, Bigborogha! Look for a channel to tell my son, he shall address this, for that is his purpose on Earth to Ijaw unite nation”.