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PAP: Ijaw Youth leader, Oweilami throws weight behind Otuaro, commends Tinubu on appointment




By Peters Monday, Abuja

The Special Adviser to the Hon. Minister of State for Petroleum Resources (Oil) on Niger Delta Affairs, Barr. Oweilaemi Roland Pereotubo has thrown his full weight behind the appointment of Chief Dennis Otuaro as the Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Pereotubo who was a former President of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), worldwide and doubled as the former President-General of Niger Delta Ethnic Nationality Youth Presidents said he commends President Tinubu for the choice of Chief Dennis Otuaro as the new PAP Administrator.

His words, “I have known Dr. Otuaro for many decades. His capacity to deliver the mandates in that office is not in doubt. Right from the days we were students at the universities, Dennis Otuaro has not disappointed his followers in public governance.

“Of course, Chief Dennis Otuaro’s track records as the National President of Izon-ebe Students, worldwide cannot be surpassed up till this day. No doubt, he is an activist who participated in the Niger Delta emancipation struggle in no smaller measures. He is a grassroot-oriented man who commands millions of followers in the Niger Delta region.

“Good to know that Chief Dennis Otuaro was a member of that créme de la créme body of Ijaw Youths Leadership Forum (IYLF) that midwife the Amnesty Programme in 2009. He is also an inner caucus member of the famous Oporoza House.

“Chief Dennis Otuaro, PhD is a man with multi-faceted qualities. He’s an academia with repute, an entrepreneur and a charismatic leader whose leadership credentials are innumerable. The man, Dennis Otuaro, popularly known as the Owelle of Niger Delta is an intellectual agitator who has been using his intellectual prowess to champion the Niger Delta liberation struggle.

“Dr. Otuaro ventured into the Niger Delta struggle from the classroom as a student unionist. After graduation from the University, he joined the Ijaw Youths Leadership Forum, a collection of the foremost youth leaders in the region to champion the Niger Delta course.

“From 2006 to 2009 during the climax of the Niger Delta crisis, Chief Dennis Otuaro together with other top leaders in the region became the rallying point that midwife the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP). No doubt, he is a leader who understands the peculiarity of the Niger Delta region and the struggle in general. He has been an anchor point for peace and tranquility to thrive in the region. Thus, there’s no mention of Niger Delta region without Dennis Otuaro’s name mentioned as the ambassador of peace and harmony which has made the oil sector to enjoy the relative peace in the region.

“There’s no doubt, Chief Dennis Otuaro is a square peg in a square hole. He’s a servant leader who has been actively involved in the peace building processes of the Niger Delta crisis since 2006. It is an added advantage to the peace initiatives of this present Government of the Federation as Chief Dennis Otuaro, PhD is being appointed as the Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

“I have no doubt that with Dr. Otuaro on the saddle of that office to preside on the affairs of the Niger Delta region, not only the oil sector will be completely stabilized, but also the relative peace in the region will forever be concretized as he will use his wealth of experience in the Niger Delta issues to bear by drastically addressing the fundamentals of the people’s yearnings and our collective interest.

“President Tinubu has just recorded a milestone of developmental feet never achieved in record times as he has considered this entrepreneurial pundit-cum security expert for this plum job to pilot the affairs of the Niger Delta region. Of course, this region is unarguably the economic life-wire to the Country. Hence, appointment of persons to manage the affairs of this very important region should be a round peg in a round hole. Chief Dennis Otuaro holds the ace to make the present Government achieve its vaunted Renewed Hope for the Country.

“I condemn the baseless and misconceived protests against Chief Dennis Otuaro. It appears that the anti-Otuaro’s protests are being sponsored by his traducers. Politicians should know that everybody cannot occupy one particular Office at a time. Even if one or two persons lobby for a particular office, once one of the lobbyists succeeded the rest ought to have rallied round him to succeed.

“Sponsoring some misfortune mental hobos to carry out smear campaigns against Otuaro is most condemnable. I appeal to every stakeholder to accept Otuaro’s appointment in good faith. What the man needs now is our collective support.

“Power is transient. Let’s support him now to achieve his set objectives in that office. Tomorrow, it may come to another’s turn. We can’t move forward as a region if we cannot eschew this pull-him-down syndrome. Let’s give Chief Dennis Otuaro the needed chance and support to pilot the affairs of the office. We cannot achieve meaningful development if we don’t stop these infighting”.

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