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PAP: N-Delta activist lambastes Dikio over probe of 3000 accounts



Niger Delta rights activist Comrade Wilson Egbebo has said that there was no fraudulent accounts in the amnesty programme to be scuttled, adding that the Dikio action is arbitrarily against the initial purpose of the amnesty programme.

Egbebo in a press statement made available to Congress correspondent in Abuja said the 3000 suspended accounts belong to those who either have died during the struggle or killed in action (KIA) or those who died after the Struggle.

According to him, “Anyone stopping these payments to the widows, mothers, fathers, surviving siblings, uncles, aunts and children is doing a great disservice to the Niger Delta People.”

He lamented, “Does our people take stock of our likely losses before arriving at such inimical strategy? And now an Ijaw Man is doing this nonsense in the name of doing a good work while knowing that Ijaws are the highest losers of persons in the struggle and may equally be the highest losers of this self-acclaimed reform.

“The people complaining were never captured in anyway hence, it is not that their accounts were hijacked but that they were never captured as such. The Office should capture them and pay them for over 10 years,” he said.