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PAP: Otuaro ends 5-day stakeholders’ dialogue, sets agenda for Niger Delta




By Stephen Asaba-ase

Jubilations as the administrator of the presidential Amnesty programme ended five days of stakeholders’ dialogue with beneficiaries of the amnesty programme in Warri , Delta State.

The meeting which began on June 21, 2024 finally came to an end with the official dialogue with leaders and stakeholders of the three phases and elders of the programme.

The meeting was very fruitful and was commended by leaders and stakeholders following the call for collaboration and partnership.

Speaking with elders of the Oporoza House and other critical stakeholders on Tuesday, Otuaro raised the hope of a better and more robust amnesty programme.

He emphasised strongly on commencement of foreign educational and local training programmes, while citing the benefits it would drive for delegates of the programme.

Otuaro assured leaders and stakeholders of the programme of empowering beneficiaries of the programme through PACOSOL corporative scheme.

He further stressed for the need to accommodate other critical stakeholders in the programme, emphasising that every Niger Deltan is a causality of the struggle.

In his opening remarks, he said, “Good afternoon my fathers and my mothers in the struggle. I welcome you on behalf of Mr. President of this historic event. We started it last week. Since last week we have been interfacing with the leaders of the various phases of the presidential Amnesty programme. It was so successful and peaceful. I can’t do it alone. The programme is not about me. It has to do with all of us. Being an elders’ council member I see the need for collaboration and partnership.

“Truly ,the programme is entangled with some challenges. Some have been trained but no empowerment. Some have not trained, some are having BVN challenges etc. We will try our best to address them.

“However, we still need to accommodate other stakeholders in the struggle. But the budget is small compared to the responsibility involved. We have to appeal to Mr president to look over the budgetary issues of the programme. So we can do all of these. We have commenced foreign educational training and scholarship. But in specified areas. Under my mandate I will do all within my best to advance the amnesty programme.

“The president is interested in the development of the Niger Delta region. I know when we speak in one voice, any fund we need for, the President will provide it. I am very happy to meet with my elders in the struggle. I will not stay in the office forever, so let’s use the few times we have to create more opportunities for our people. I need your support. Call on me anytime you need my attention. Any time I need you, I will call on you. This is not my retirement job so I will do my best to improve the opportunities of the programme” he reiterated.