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PAP: Why the Smiles at Dr. Dennis Otuaro? -Editorial 






“The appointment of Dr. Dennis Otuaro as the Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) has been met with widespread jubilation and enthusiasm. Stakeholders and well-wishers have been beaming with joy, and the excitement is palpable. Dr. Otuaro’s inspiring leadership, vision, and dedication to public service have instilled hope in the hearts of many. His fresh perspective and innovative approach to addressing challenges, combined with his willingness to listen to stakeholders’ concerns, have resonated with those seeking a new direction.


Dr. Otuaro’s strategic stakeholders’ meeting, where he engaged with leaders of different phases of the amnesty programme, showcased his charismatic and transformative leadership. The reinstatement of the suspended foreign educational training and scholarship programme and the promise of better empowerment packages through the PACOSOL Cooperatives Scheme have further boosted stakeholders’ excitement.


Dr. Otuaro’s reputation for integrity, transparency, and compassion has earned him the trust and respect of Niger Delta leaders and stakeholders. The smiles and optimism surrounding his appointment signify a renewed sense of purpose and a collective aspiration for a brighter future. As the days unfold, it is clear that Dr. Otuaro has ignited a spark of hope that is spreading rapidly across the Niger Delta.”

By the editorial board of Congress Newspaper