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Publisher, Onduku mourns Igbegbe, consoles bereaved family



By Timi Black

A Delta based publisher, Oyinbi Onduku has expressed rude shock over the death of the Niger Delta warlord, Chief Friday Igbegbe on Sunday morning.

The publisher said he received the news of the demise of the Niger Delta agitator with a rude shock, adding that he would be forever remembered.

This was contained in a press statement signed by himself and was made available to Congress correspondent in Abuja on Wednesday.

The statement read partly: “It was exactly 7:07PM, in the evening of 23 October, 2021, l received the sad news of your devastating death from a close friend. Immediately l put a call across to Ogbe-ljoh to confirm your sudden departure to the other world ‘Duo-amabou’.

“You spoke to me on phone last on Monday 18th October, 2021, where you expressed your views, and advised Delta ljaw youths, especially the youths of Ogbe-ljoh Warri Kingdom to toe the line of peace and stop the media war on the controversial issue of DESOPADEC ljaw ethnic nationality Commissioner as regards the manhandling of Ogbe-Ijoh youth president.

“Just five days after, you are no more with us in this sweet and wicked world. I never knew that was the last day l will hear your sonorous voice. The Ebogha 1 of Ogbe-ljoh Warri Kingdom, why you do me so?.

“l grew up to know Alaowei Friday lgbegbe in the year 2003 at his maternal home Ayakoromo, when he came to restore peace in the community between late Gen. John Epoko (Togo) and the Town Council.

“He was a tested, trusted and fearless patriotic ljaw freedom fighter, who had undergone so many operations and came back successfully unhurt to the admiration of his people. He was never power drunk with oppressive tendencies despite the influence, popularity and power he commands.

“As peace returned to warri after series of ethnic conflicts, Chief James Ibori led government of Delta State and the Multinational oil companies operating along Odidi, Batan and Egwa Excravos Rivers engaged him as the Chief Security Officer (CSO), in other to protect the oil installations against being vandalized as well as providing adequate security for the expatriates in the waterways.

“As the CSO then, he called on his fellow patriots from Meinbotu, Febokirifagha, Olabrakonpre among others to deliver on the assignment given to him to provide the needed security for the Multi-national oil companies in Warri.

“Politically, Alaowei Friday lgbegbe was an active member and stakeholder in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State. He was a one time elected Councilor in Ogbe-Ijoh.

“Chief Friday lgbegbe was a very compassionate and generous man who always derived pleasure whenever he sees his fellow human happy. He is a cheerful giver, problem solver to whoever comes across his way with one issue or the other. He gives willingly.

“As a social being, Friday lgbegbe was always full of smile at his face. He never put on hard face despite the condition. He is friendly, sociable and down to earth. He was very blunt and bent in saying the truth and doing what is right at the right time to whatever authority it may be. His truth saying made most people see him as a hard man, popularly called (stubborn man) in our contemporary society. He hates discrimination with passion. That is why he was a friend to the upcoming youths wherever he went.

“Religiously, Friday lgbegbe was a christian who believe in the word and the Supreme Power of God Almighty. He was also a crusader and promoter of the ljaw culture and tradition.

“Though as a human, he was not perfect but his generosity and patriotism towards the ljaw course and the Niger Delta Liberation struggle was unquantifiable. Until his sudden controversial demise, he was dedicated and committed in the ljaw course as well as the PDP family in Warri South West.

“Ijaw Nation and the umbrella party PDP in Nigeria will greatly missed him.

“It is hard for me to say ‘RIP Alaowei Friday lgbegb’. You were my role model in most aspects of life. You respected and took me as a younger brother. Most times, you taught me on how to live in peace and happily with people around me.

“I can’t explain why you choose to leave this sweet and wicked world in this misterious circumstances. You were an hero and the ljaw people confide in you, despite the ‘Them Say’ stories world people cooked against you in life.

“You have unfinished projects, Alaowei Friday Igbegbe!, come back to accomplish them. Your ambition to become the next Council Chairman of Warri South West was on the pipeline. Why you do me so, Friday lgbegbe?

“I will greatly miss you my dear Alaowei! May God have mercy on your gentle soul in Jesus Mighty Name l pray, Amen!

“Adieu the Ebogha 1 of Ogbe-ljoh Warri Kingdom, Goodnight my hero”.