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Retraction/Apology to Peter Afro



It was noticed that our website published a story on Monday, October 25, 2021, titled ” Delta Riverine Communities express relief over the death of the notorious pirate gang leader, MK Mutu”

We have since discovered that a wrong photo was attached to the publication, we hereby retract it in its entirety.

However, we tender our unreserved apology to the affected person, ‘IFEYEFA PETER AFRO’ as we regret any inconvenience or embarrassment the publication has occasioned to him.

(Photo wrongly used)

The correction had been effected. The wrong photo had been since removed or pull off from the site.

It was unconscious misplacement, an oversight or slide, and was not meant to blackmail or tarnish the hard earned reputation of the affected person. It was not deliberate, nor made to defame the bearer of the photo. It is actually a technical error.

Please accept our sincere apology.