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Rights advocate, Ezekiel urges world leaders to declare ‘no fly zone’ for Russia



A Nigerian rights advocate Comrade Daniel Ezekiel has urged President of the United States, Joe Biden and world leaders to declare a ‘no fly zone’ for Russia in Nato allied countries’ borders to halt the continued bombing of Ukraine, adding that the world leaders should act and put to stop the barbaric genocidal killings in Ukraine before the country becomes a forgotten nation in history.

Ezekiel in a statement made available to Congress correspondent said that it would be a shame of monumental proportion, should world leaders allow their economic interests to over shadow that of the safety of humanity, which war monger and Sadist Russian president, Vladimir Putin is doing within his best to kill and desert Ukraine.

The rights advocate said, ‘am really disappointed at NATO’s ruling council, especially when l listened to Norwaygian NATO secretary general ,Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, speaking like someone who is under the ‘fear’ of bully Putin. All the reasons he gave to turn down Ukraine request for implementation of ‘NO FLY ZONE’ are not just weak and feeble, but they are equally LAME that are not in tune with the reality faced by Ukraine.

“The fundamental objective why NATO was formed in 4th April 1949 after second world war is to primarily protect weak and small nations like Ukraine from aggressive, overlording and Goliath ones like Russia.
I see Stoltenberg stale speeches as inconsequential at this point in time that action and praticability are needed to halt steady GENOCIDE Putin is committing in Ukraine.

“NATO enforced no fly zone on Bosnia and Herzegovina in 12th April 1993 when this kind of situation arose. So what is different between then and now, he queried.

“NATO weak and compromising body language is the tonic and energy boosting sadist Putin to continually unleash UNPROVOKED havoc, death, maiming and destruction of properties on a peaceful nation Ukraine.

“World leaders should borry a leaf grom British Prime minister, Boris Johnson of his sterling and forceful progressive moves. This reminds the ONLY ALUTA SSA OF THE UNIVERSE the KEY and GAME CHANGING ROLE then British Prime minister, Winston Churchill played in the course of world war 2, that eventually ended Putin mentor, Adolf Hitler madness. This same KEY ROLE Boris is playing today by waking, rallying and giving strength to fellow leaders across the globe.

Let NATO thrown away technicality and embrace exigency of this time, because one of the qualities of a great mind is ability to adapt and change his mind to flow with tide.

“As it stands, 80 percent of global citizens wants no fly zone to halt Putin drug addition, which if truly NATO is for protection of weak and small nations, their feeling and view of global citizens should be work on and ensure that Putin Madness be put to stop, he added.