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Sigh of relief as Ukraine reclaims conquered territories, kills enemies massively



There is a sigh of relief in some parts of Ukraine, especially Izium, Kherson, and Kyiv as more than twenty communities earlier captured by Russian forces have been reclaimed by Ukraine counterattacks.

Congress gathered that the Russian forces fled the reclaimed territories following a heavy missile counteroffensive by the Ukrainian military.

Sources said the Russian forces have been pushed 50kilometres away from Kherson town, one of the largest cities in Ukraine which was first to be captured by the Russian forces in early February this year.

However, there were several reports of counterattacks against Russian forces’ ammunition and artillery centers in the embattled country.

An international daily reports that several Russian military personnel has been equally killed in the continuous counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces.

The paper also predicted that following the aggressive counterattacks, Ukraine may reclaim all seized territories of the country.

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