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Killing Of Soldiers: Confab urges Military to exercise caution, Demands for Humanitarian aid, Resettlement Of Indigenes Of Okuama 




By Stephen Asaba-ase


Following the unprovoked killing of army officers and soldiers on a peace mission by some criminal elements, the Conference For The Actualization of Human Rights, aka Confab has sympathised with the families of the fallen gallant Combatants and the Nigerian army over the lost.


Speaking with AIT news during a press briefing, the Director-general Omes Ogedegbe, Esq, on 19th March, 2024 cautioned the activities of the Nigerian Army and called for an immediate Resettlement of the affected indigenes of the Okuama community.


He said, “The reason we must adhere to the rule of law has been again demonstrated in the recent event that played out between the Nigerian army and the people of Okuama community.


“The soldiers proceeded to level the community upon the death of the military personnel, only to have later discovered that the masterminds and perpetrators where foreign mercenaries.


“I have argued that the people of Okuama do not have the capacity and mercenary to overrun the military in the manner that was seen in Okuama community. At this point the innocent in the community are being punished. Their rights being abused and properties destroyed. They have been rendered homeless. It is our humble call that the people of Okuama community are resettled back to their community and humanitarian aid such food and drugs should be sent to the devastated indigenes of the community.


Especially, the governor of our dear Delta State,, Sheriff Oborevwori must do all within his power to resettle and provide relief materials to the victims of the community without further delay.


“While we condole with the Nigerian Army, we warn against further abuse of rights of the innocent people of the community as two wrongs can never make a right, – he affirmed.