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Supreme Court upholds NNPP Abba Yusuf’s election, declares him as governor Kano State



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

There was a wild celebration in Kano as the Supreme Court upheld Abba Kabir Yusuf’s election as the state’s legitimate governor.

On Friday, a five-judge Supreme Court bench unanimously decided that the lower court misinterpreted the significance of the alleged 165,616 ballot paper deduction in Governor Yusuf’s favour.

The ruling on Governor Yusuf’s membership was deemed a pre-election matter by Justice Inyang Okoro, who read the verdict.

During hearing of the ruling from the Apex court, thousands of NNPP supporters—a political organization led by Governor Abba—poured into the state capital’s main streets on motorcycles and cars, cheering the party’s catchphrases.

In mosques and other areas, others were observed praising Allah (SWT) for reinstating their mandate.

In the interim, measures to prevent any potential breakdown of peace had resulted in increased security in key areas of the historic city.