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Tension as fresh oil war looms in Niger Delta over water resources bill



Niger Delta stakeholders and leaders in different climes have threatened to disrupt oil flow in Nigeria if the National Assembly goes ahead to pass into law what they described as an obnoxious water resources bill made to steal more resources from the region.

Congress reports that tension is brewing in the region as angry citizens had continued to pile pressure on the region’s critical stakeholders and ex-agitators to come out en mass to resist the water resources bill with brute force.

The bill as viewed by the people of the region when passed into law would give total rights and control of the nation’s Rivers, Seas, and oceans which may be detrimental to aborigines of the Niger Delta which are merely located on the shores of the country.

It would be recalled that the Niger Delta region is the belt of the country’s oil and gas resources but the people live in abject poverty and suffering.

Many youths who rise to fight against this injustice in the region were being imprisoned and killed. It was also gathered that the people have been subjected to brute attacks and coercion. Their Communities are being burnt down at every slightest provocation.

The youths are not employed in the nation’s oil companies, and communities, where the oil is produced are underdeveloped.

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