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The effect of fighting insincere war on terror



By Rt. Hon. Comrade Gabriel Patterson Unyeowaji

The long time effect of the attempt by the General Muhammadu Buhari led Fulani-Federal Government to divert attention from the war on terrorism (chiefly occassioned by his fellow Muslim Adherents of Sharia Governance and Law) to the South-East and South-West has fully worsened security issues in Nigeria.

The failure of Mr. Buhari to understand the implication of pampering terrorism on the basis of religion and ethnicity is what has pushed Nigeria to the the current situation where the world is now afraid that a Taliban situation could occur in Nigeria.

“A situation where Terrorists are being simply forgiven, enlisted in to the Military, DSS, Immigration, Customs and Police or freely let go where there is a Terrorism Prevention Act 2011 Cap Law of the Federation to prosecute perpetrators is highly shocking.

The administrator in Chief of this APC led Government has exerted so much strength in pursuing Yoruba nation agitator (Mr. Sunday Igboho) and the Chief Biafran agitator (Maxi Nnamdi Kanu) while turning a blind eye at some of the existential threats that had fueled these agitations such as insincerity and lopsided governance including a land grabbing and a colonial agenda by the President, his Fulani Kinsmen and his fellow religious adherents who has a supremacist agenda of retaining power and severely previleging themselves against largely people of Southern Nigeria.

This is why instead of addressing full fleshed terrorism as perpetrated by Fulani-Marauder Herdsmen who not only trespass on people’s lands armed with automatic assault weapons but also murder owners of these lands both in Southern Nigeria and the Middle Belt rather the President tag these high caliber terrorist activities which negates provisions of the Nigerian Constitution of protecting lives and properties as Herders-Farmers Clash whereas, the Farmer is in his or her own homeland, Community, Local Government and State meanwhile the Fulani Herder is a Foreigner.

A former US Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. John Campbell has expressed concerns that the Super Tucano jetfighters sold to Nigeria by the United States could fall in to the hands of Terrorists in Nigeria citing Afghanistan as a case study.

I agree with him because Mr. Buhari met only Boko Haram when he took over office in 2015 but today, we have Bandits which has kidnapped well over one thousand (1000) students, pupils abd what have as well as Fulani Herdsmen-Terrorists who are seen in a viral video testing weapons supplied to them perhaps by their contacts in high places.

The focus on Yoruba Nation Agitators, #EndSARS Protesters (who wants a better Nigeria free of police brutality and harassments), Revolution Now (a group tired of the perfidious governance of Buhari) and IPOB which has metamorphosed in to Eastern Security Network (ESN) has not solved the problem of terrorism but has rather provided it the opportunity to fester and escalate to the chagrin of all the Defense Budget spent on security.

Hence, it is either Mr. Buhari jettison his religious and ethnic romance with terrorists and terrorism and abandon his ethnic supremacist agenda which pushes him to always make reference to how he fought Nigeria-Biafra Civil War etc, otherwise the worsening security challenges is going to consume him whether in Office or out of Office. A word for the wise is sufficient”

Writes by
Rt. Hon. Comrade Gabriel Patterson Unyeowaji

National Spokesman
Niger Delta Youth Association Worldwide.

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