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The Phenomenal Tompolo: The Book of Nature and NUJ Merit Award  




By Asiayei Enaibo


Splash of fishes on the surface of the river, up and deep down again to eat from the offerings, birds perched on the dining of the gods and eat from the delicacies set by the high priest before Oporoza water front, same way God and gods provide for us.

One man with a keen sense of his root accept Nature and every other thing is added unto him. Nature in its abundance of wealth revealed their powers to Tompolo. Humanity must adore him as he adores nature.


“Tompolo, the book of Nature and Nature, is a phenomenon. Tompolo is a mystery beyond human speculations”-Enaibo


Let me also draw the thought lines of authors of great minds as Tompolo is a book of nature and a phenomenon to aid my thoughts on this chronicle of the most wanted man and the most celebrated living legend and deity in the Niger Delta at all levels of open declaration as I have written the book of Aziza Eferekirikpon in his Dialogue in the forest of the gods, Saimuzobou, the place of his existence and abode before he took the form of a human for the vows of his mother and father to become Oweizide on Earth for that Ijaw man to be liberated at the Turbulence age of the Ijaw Nation.


“Nature is the source of all true knowledge.” –Leonardo da Vinci


“A walk in nature walks the soul back home.” –Mary Davis


“Choose only one master—nature.” –Rembrandt.


The Phenomenal Tompolo gives life to the ancient consciousness of the Ijaw Spirituality and development and peace of mind through his call to Nature. High Chief Dr Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, aka Tompolo, is a book of nature. He is at one with the gods of the forest, Barugu., Agbinibor, Aziza, Oyain, Okonoweibousinghan; he is at one with the gods and goddesses of the sea, Bini-pere, Peremobo-ere Eneokubafere, Osuopele and Bini-ebi Madinorbo; he is at one with the gods of the air, Owei-Egba, Aziza-Egba. Yes, nature lives in his soul and body with a high sense of human passion. Many times, human beings in their high state of ignorance plan to destroy nature, but nature can not be destroyed by man. Tompolo is a book of nature that can not be destroyed by man; those who walk against nature return to find solace in what they plan ignorantly to destroy, and nature is Tompolo.


His Tantita has restored the once-destroyed environment, polluted by the activities of unconcerned humans about the beauty of nature. Those whose souls are part of nature as a phenomenon help to build it to its original state, and that man is Tompolo.


Setting phenomenal elements exists in human form beyond the mere thoughts of man. They are unusual, mystical, cryptical, and at every time a doubt to those who are far from the realities of such beings. The supernatural elements of Tompolo are phenomenal.


As in ancient times when people travelled to Egypt and Greece to study in their mystery school of philosophy beyond the ordinary, that phenomenon ascended master Tompolo in Oporoza, built the lost knowledge and regained the paradise of old, bringing it back to the Ijaw spiritual archives in the contemporary age.


The phenomenal Tompolo wrote in the book of Aziza Deity as Aferekiripon is a supernatural being, a deity that came to free mankind at this age of turbulence in Izon land for a specific assignment and disappears to complete the prophecy of old to Ijaw land. His abhorrence to material awards and honour, which he considers discomforting to his being–like when people celebrate his birthdays– he distances himself from the maddening pleasure of the soul like his Spirit being once told him, “Who are you to celebrate yourself when I have not celebrated you 119 years soul in the hallowed forest of Daumapere Aziza?”


Someone who has a heart of forgiveness even in front of those who have agreed to persecute him. Tompolo will tell his disciples to leave them to their thoughts. They do not know what they are doing. Some have confessed and slept off. By seeing his face of nature and a man who has detached himself from Materialism to spiritualism, what else can harm him? He is Egbesu beyond destruction.


Someone who distances himself from social functions to spiritual functions alone, worships, and offers sacred sacrifices is beyond the diabolic plans of man. Pour libations, drums, and dance with a mysterious masquerade of spirit, his purity kindness, and friendly spirit disposition are beyond what one can study in any school of philosophy. Like schools’ studies and written books of the Dialogue of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle–that same assignment Enaibo Asiayei is doing an unconscious assignment.


That Tompolo who deprived himself of the pleasures of the mundane world and builds houses for people and does not have a house for himself, only builds magnificent temples for the gods of his forefathers and dwells there as his finest achievement is a phenomenon as a demigod on Earth. He has no car, walks barefooted to his sacred shrines to pray for Ijaw Nation, and Nigeria as his only country of all hope. What manner of man is Tompolo?


As he is a book of nature, with unparalleled knowledge of spiritual values, economic knowledge, political sense, and World security expert, he is an institution of cultural heritage, he is a toga of tradition, social value, humility, tolerance, consistent, focus, knowledge and wisdom which he has acquired through Nature as Aziza deity. He has never been to school, but he is a historian and an anthropologist. High Chief Dr Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, aka Tompolo, is a book of nature.


High Chief Dr Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo is Aziza Deity, the king of the great beyond which no man can harm, Eferekirikpon. Father Igologolo appeared once in human lifetimes to correct what had been wronged in Centuries, he came to correct an age going amiss. Like the Jews were expecting the coming of their Messiah, they didn’t know when the messiah came until the Messiah ascended as Lord Jesus Christ before they knew, and this is a test to Ijaw Nation and the Neglected Niger Delta people.


Tompolo is the grand master of Egbesu Deity.

The Godhood of Ijaw Spirituality. The high priest of Agbinibor Deity, a god of war and protection, the high priest of Peremobo-ere Eneokubafere goddess, the messenger of Wealth of Bini-ebi Madinorbo, the High Priest of Queen Bini-ebi Madinorbo goddess twisted in love and marriage in the sea of River Forcados,–that man who has revived all the Deities in Gbaramatu Kingdom and Ijaw land, built sacred golden temple’s of worship and sacrifice, libations to commune in the realm of the spirits to bring development that had long been forgotten in Ijawland– Tompolo not the Nature of a seasoned phenomenon?


Someone who didn’t go to school but through universities trained thousands of students to Ph. D. levels and has a foundation called the Tompolo Foundation to take care of people medically. For he knew that the Government would not provide these things to the deprived Ijaw people, and pay for their medical bills from different parts of the world – an assignment oil companies and the Government failed to do. Tompolo builds on it to create a soft landing for humanity at all levels. What manner of man is Tompolo? A phenomenal deity in human form!


He brought back all the ancient Deities of development and progress that have distanced themselves from the Ijawland– making unusual progress in their various communities.


These powers were bought from our fathers and sold to white people for science and technology. Yes, the deities of our land are the science. Our lack of care for these powers lost our development in time but regained through Tompolo. Those who doubt this revelation will see the Gbaramatu Kingdom in the next ten years and will know the reality of what form the science of development in foreign countries will see in Gbaramatu. As many people are already fighting their minds, why everything is Gbaramatu? It is a mindset of those who have failed themselves. The gods took the science of development as they followed their master Tompolo.


Let me count a few on the list: Ibolomoboere, Ziba Opuoru of Ijaw Nation, the mother God of creation and power, has brought peace, harmony, and development, Barugu

Agbinibor Deity, Aziza-Egba deity of Oporoza, Amaseikumor, the king of all Masquerade all in Oporoza, has transformed man and the Community, Ade-ere Opuasain, Nanabodiseimugha of Kokodiagbene, development beyond the expectation of men in the community, Okonoweibou-Esinghan deity, Amadifiye, Tinbai Deities of Kuritie Community, yes Ogoni deity, Aziza-Egba, Ekeremor Egbesu of Kunukunuma is another spiritual and physical rapid transformation,

Binipere, Oweiseimor, Sarabobou Deity in Sarabobouwei is another power of wealth. Biagbene Deity, of Benikrukru Community, and many more are the journeys of transformation, from the Niger Delta struggle, emancipation and resource control that led to the creation of Government parastatal and agencies that have benefited the Niger Deltans. He brought Maritime University through the agitation, the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, NDDC, state agencies, and others.


He brought the school to educate his people, and the Federal Government of Nigeria declared him wanted after they failed to implement the blueprint of the presidential Amnesty document. Yes, Tompolo didn’t discontinue his true dignity to save his region and went to the gods to fulfil his mission. Yes, more awards are coming, but soon, he will not accept them because Aziza is not pleased with human ceremonial activities except the invocations of mastery drums in their temples of old.


The same university he brought that the government declared him wanted was the same university that gave him an honorary award of Ph.D. in Education. Is Tompolo not a phenomenon?


Nigeria, in the age of Turbulence in economic meltdown through the oil sector, sent all their best security personnel to safeguard the government facilities. The personnel did trade by battering their right security way to oil thefts and bunkery in Nigeria. The economy was no longer safe, so who could save Nigeria, the Deity himself? AZIZA, Eferekirikpon, whom they once knew the capacity through the ages of his determination, struggled with the era of Global West for Nimasa waterways with all sense of patriotism, failed leaderships don’t work with patriots.


The Federal Government of Nigeria Maliciously confiscated his company on no account, and they came like Nicodemus at night. How can this country’s economy be revived? Verily, they sought the face of the grand master Tompolo as many betrayals stood his way. The gods fought his fight like the way Amasa was tormenting Israel in their ignorance.


Today, Tompolo’s Tantita security has come to save Nigeria. Yes, during the Time of Election, Presidential aspirants, and Governorship candidates will go and visit Tompolo and what the Aziza accept in the forest of the gods manifests the science of development as their secret of advancement in technology and development. The world is yet to visit Tompolo, the miracle man of nature


The man Tompolo has distanced himself from mundane man to a god called Aziza as his progenitor in the forest of the gods that a time will come when he will disappear from the world without a trace to complete his purpose here on Earth.


When the Federal Government gave him the contract to secure national assets, where parastatals failed, Tompolo breezed the gap and curb oil theft, his transparency and accountability, and cabals raised against him. This man called Tompolo. When all failed, Aziza appeared to correct what he was sent to do.


All federal lawmakers came to honour that unusual phenomenon from Abuja. Yes, Tompolo is another Jesu” or Socrates of that era of truth, morality, and discipline as a Philosopher King.


Yes, the Nigerian Union of Journalists is the watchdog of human society, like a mirror of life. On different occasions, they have honoured Tompolo. The fourth realm of the Estate came from near and far to meet Lord Tompolo to give a Meritorious award of honour, yes, to High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, he is not comfortable with such honours. The honour he has for himself is to be at the temples of his sacred Deities, not this mundane mindset of countless awards without true self-conviction of patriotism Tompolo often says, “I do not have anywhere to call my country, Nigeria is my home, let us join patriotic hands to build Nigeria and save our environment.” His sense of nature as a phenomenon is always perceived when he speaks about Nigeria as a country.


I rejoice with my father and leader who declared his birthday not to be celebrated any way in the world but only in the forest of Aziza Deity and told people not to inconvenience him with awards here and there but to worship the gods of his forefathers and be a benevolence spirit to humanity, should be honoured.


Tompolo and Awards


Tompolo beforehand has been a man of total commitment, integrity, and an outstanding leader. As the Grand Officer Commanding, GOC at the peak of the Niger Delta Struggle for emancipation, development, and resource control before and after the presidential Amnesty, Tompolo is still the Tompolo, he has not politicized himself as one of the Pillars of the region. Yes, in the human world, the transformation of a country and region is done by men with a committed sense of patriotism, Nationalist consciousness. America was built by humans, and the Niger Delta region can also be built by Tompolo, with other sincere-like minds, not hypocritical ones.


The Sun Newspaper, 17th of February 2024, deemed it fit to award High Chief Dr Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, aka Tompolo, a prestigious award: “Courage in Leadership”


Who else dares to confront one of the most corrupt arms of the Nigerian economic sector, the Crude Oil that feeds the Nation?

Everybody is interested in themselves, but Tompolo’s Tantita has the courage in leadership to curb oil theft in the Niger Delta region and block the nostrils of cabals, is not courage in Nature?


On the 2nd of March, NUJ Awarded Tompolo . Tompolo himself is Hall of Fame, and those who came to award him brought themselves to the Tompolo’s Hall of Fame and generosity as it is written in the book of Aziza Deity. It is part of the human sense, so he humbly accepted it.


Tompolo’s Religious Charity in the Temples of his Ancestors.


As a cultural journalist in the Niger Delta region, I have never met a man in any form of worship as generous and charitable as Tompolo–men, and women who are in the African faith, worship with Tompolo see him as their god on earth. To me, he is the kindest of all–loved by both spirits at all spheres and mankind.


Tompolo and his high priest will do thanksgiving with millions of Naira, worship and dance to the gods of their forefathers, eat and drink, and monetary appreciation to dancers and drummers. All-inclusiveness shares all the money that you see at every live coverage by GbaramatuVoice is shared back to everyone who came to worship and daily people are happy–men and women– souls elevated, he made this as his private way of life and as many faiths tasked their members to sow seed building a house for the Lord, but Oweizide builds a house for the gods alone.

Charity is Tompolo.


This is the unwritten activities of Aziza as the godhead, noiseless.

I will refer my readers to the Dialogue of Aziza written by Asiayei Enaibo


Tompolo is a phenomenon. His existence is to correct and put in place what ignorant mind of the foreign religion has on the mindset of our people and to bring them back to regain the lost paradise of the African traditional institution, beliefs, cultural values and morality of mind.


Humanity should look inward and follow the Gospel of Tompolo to save Nigeria.


Asiayei Enaibo

SA to Tompolo on Osobu Matters.

Writes from GbaramatuVoice media organization