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The glowing evening sun brightens up the Earth, the “Ebi- Owora” has shines up, the birds returning from their duty post, going to their nest, God lightened up the sky for their safe return, so Otuaro to man.

He holds integrity as an obligation, his oath with God has been predestined and today his predestined desire had made manifest from the world of form to reality. This is the season of Otuaro, as grass never flex muscles with ragging storm, as the storm heightens, the grasses became rejig and when the storm is over they stand stronger while the contesting trees fallen down by nature, those who understand nature live by these principles, so, this is the season of Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro.

Fishermen made their desire to deepen their net to the sea for a catch of fishes, with a great hope and anticipation. Different species of fishes are expected, yes, no fisherman has the interest to catch a Dolphin and whoever that catches it, always let it go for his or her own safety during the duration of the fishing expeditions in the sea as Dolphin by nature guides the affairs of man on the sea for directional navigation. Its blood sets up mountainous waves against the fisherman, yes that is Otuaro, the untouchable specie whose vision is to save guard our path to a glorious return of coastal development.

Of course, it is the season of Otuaro!
The rain falls for its own season, the sun shines forth for its own season, as God commanded all things to work by this principle of season and time, no man has the power to harvest a seasonal fruits when it is not yet time.

Indeed, the season of harvest has time, it will truly come when the farmer will harvest and distribute equally to all Deltans come 2023.

God works in season and time, he made everything by his own principle of season and time, like the growth of the foetus, to a season of birth of man.

A season where my little children will stop to drink from the open rivers in the creek where we defecate, a season were roads will be connected to our lands were we will not go for protest before bridges will connect to my mother’s land in Obotebe. Yes, a season where our terrains will not be difficult to develop. The era of familitocracy will soon be over, the Collective development is beyond the concept of Angogbale, a letter to those who could respond. This is a season of Otuaro, let us rejoice the crop of the new visions as time gives new season of great men tomorrow.

Today, come and be in the lane of Otuaro’s race, the season of harvest is here, and it takes only a talented Fisherman to understand the tide and sets his net ahead of happy fishing expedition as the tide too flows with season and time. Otuaro, the Deputy Governor of Delta has set to follow the tides to Osadebe’s House in Asaba, as Talking Drum follows the tide to its destination as Otuaro moves in the season of time. It is in the book of God, written by God himself come 2023.

Asiayei Enaibo
Writes From Bobougbene Community.