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Tidi lauds Napoleon Egin for donating water project to College of Education Warri



By Anita Godfrey

The chairman of Warri South Local Government Council, Michael Tidi has lauded a Warri based lawyer Napoleon Egin Esq for donating a water project to the College of Education, Warri Delta state.

The chairman while commissioning the project said he was impressed by the voluntary donation of the project by Egin Esq, whom he described as a patriotic citizen of the state.

Hon. Tidi who was represented by his Personal Assistant Comrade Moses Muda thanked him(Egin) for the voluntary donation, adding that the gesture was worthy of emulation.

Egin Esq, in his opening speech, added: “The provost of this great institution, College of Education Warri, Dr Dickson Oyovwi, and the chairman Warri South Local Government Council Hon. Michael Tidi is ably represented by his Assistant, Comrade Moses Muda, Distinguished members of the press and ladies and gentlemen. First of all let me thank God for giving us the privilege to be able to do what we conceived of a few months back, indeed when we set out to do this we received several challenges, but today the project is completed, it is a water storage facility met to address the water needs of the school of arts, social sciences and as well as the school of vocational studies. I just hope I’m not getting it wrong, and of course by extension to the members of this academic community both students and staff who come around this vicinity.
I’m so happy because it is something that I had conceived to do a very long time ago to be able to give back to humanity/society.

“Frankly, the government alone cannot satisfy our public needs and so it is indeed important for a public-spirited person to contribute their quotas to advance the well-being of our state. It doesn’t matter how rich or how poor you are but provided the will is there to be able to convince yourself and said look this is my area of contribution. When we begin to do this in our various capacities and aggregate all of that we will find out that at the end of the day we will be able to significantly impact our public life positively, and so today I’m happy I also want to thank the provost for giving us the privilege, I’m speaking on behalf of my self and my family, of course, my wife is also here, and she has been working at the background as well.

“So I want to thank the provost and the Deans of this school for allowing us to contribute positively to the lives of members of this community. I pray that this project when put into use, will take care of the water needs of this part of the school and also I want to by way of footnote appeal to the management of this school, the school of arts and social sciences and by extension school of vocational studies to please manage the facility properly. I believe that when it is properly managed the life of the facility will be guaranteed for a long period and it will be for the good of everybody. I also want to appeal to public-spirited deltans, not just in Delta state but diaspora to emulate this, I know it is not a culture that is popular in this part of the country or the world, but I want us to emulate this and stimulate it, whether in this institution or any public institution, try and identify the needs of the people in those institutions and in your little way meet their needs.
I also want to appeal to the government, yes it is true that government will not be able to meet all our public needs, but the government can do more than it is currently doing. For instance, I desire that this school will be upgraded to become a degree awarding institution so that at the end of the day, the educational needs of Deltans can be met by the teaching of this institution as well because this institution is not awarding degree, you will agree with me that several organisations will want to look for degree holders and so it only serves as a qualifying certificate for so many people.

“We want it to go beyond a qualifying certificate to be a full degree so that at the end of the day students will be able to use it to compete with graduates from other institutions, whether here in Delta state or outside of Delta state.

“So I want to appeal to the government to try to look into it, and also to try to rehabilitate some of the structures of the institution. Being very frank with the management of this school, I also notice that the school of art and social sciences administrative blocks need to be rehabilitated and I believe that if the government is determined to do it, they can do it. Therefore I’m appealing to the government of the state to look at the school and work on the school blocks that need to be rehabilitated, and the ones that need new structures should be given new structures too.

“But, in all, this it is not an occasion for a long speech, I will want to end on this note by thanking the provost and members of this school, and thanking our pressmen that are here present, may God bless you all,” he added.

The provost Dr Dickson in his speech, “The chairman Warri south local government council, Dr Michael Tidi, deputy provost, pressmen, deans and another principal present, you are welcome to this historical event.

“I just recall, the day Barr N.S Egin walked to my office, it was a period where we were thinking of how to raise money to do this water project, so when he came, it was like a God sent to us, it was a time when we were suffering from what the rain storm did to the school of arts and social sciences, but his donations made it possible for us to divert the little resources we had to use for the water project into the maintenance of some of the buildings we have just maintained. This donation made it possible, if not, we would have to use the money to do the water project I said things like this are not common in this part of the country, so I want to use this medium to appeal to the LGA chairman and other government agencies to come to the aid of the institution to provide some development in the school.

However, Comrade Moses Muda promised that the LGA council would do more to address the needs of the school.

In his words, “The chairman is a lover of education. He was pained that he couldn’t be present here to commission this laudable project. He strongly thanked the donor of this project. He acknowledged that this project alone can’t service the entire school. I assure you, the LGA will embark on more of this to ensure all the entire school’s water needs will be addressed completely.

“I thank the donor, and the school management for this rare privilege, Muda added.

The high point of the event was the commissioning of the project by the chairman of the LGA who was ably represented by his Assistant, Comrade Moses Muda.

Among dignitaries who graced the occasion were, Provost Dr Dickson Oyovwi, deputy provost Dr/ Mrs Fidelia Ighrakpata, Prince Uchenna Osammor, Dean of Art and Social Sciences, Comrade Ozobo Austin, SA Political to Delta State governor and others.