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1.It is not subject to any pretentious argument and contestation that the king of the ancient Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom, His Royal Majesty Bigboroagha II, Samuel Hitler Perekeme (Jp), RFML, journeyed to the Great Beyond on 16 August 2017.Public pronouncement of his death was made on 16 September 2017 after the traditionally mandatory period of three-month mourning.

Because nature is always embittered and discomforted by vacuum in any space, the three-month mourning period over, plans for burial of the dead king and plans for selection and coronation of a new king from the Ogiogio Ruling House should have been the next stage.This is where the Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom appears apparently jinxed and stuck. Apparently jinxed and stuck, all sons and daughters of the kingdom have become the casualties of Jp Clark’s creation because professional silence, simulated silence, non-silence, instigation-profiteering silence and fence-sitting are all markers of being casualties in the Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom kingship saga.

Let all be content with our present status as casualties in the kingdom’s kingship saga which is now moving towards that Jp Clark’s Ozidi Saga in duration, counting from 2017-2023.
Seven is the number for that Jp Clark’s Ozidi Saga and we are quite close to that. Was Jp Clark’s Ozidi written for the Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom?

We must feel morally obligated to eliminate ambiguity, ‘verbal mismanagement’ and muscle-flexing and embrace clarity and exactitude as the required base to bury all the tempting egos, negotiate all the tortuous paths in the spirit of oneness, brotherliness, NGBILEBIRISM and walk victoriously and proudly on the path of peace, guided traditionally by the knowledge that Ngbile will right all the supposed wrongs rather metaphysically within the bounds of the known traditions of the kingdom if there are indeed deliberate human-made transgressions and violations in the conduct of the kingdom’s affairs.It is not the duty of humans to fight the fights of the great Ngbile whose shrine is legendary in result-production.Have forgotten the mystical powers of Ngbile?

2.To continue with normal life based on mere assumptions and presumptions without the fulfillment of the funeral rites of the late King in the Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom is to historically build a grotesque and impish pantheon of tradition-desecration, anachronism, archaism, regression and education-suppression, and to continue with a normal life without a crowned king in Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom would be a dance of retrogression, historical nonsense, historical embarrassment, historical unacceptability, historical aimlessness, historical rudderlessness and ‘Patupaism’. It is an unacceptable development in a civilised kingdom like ours.

All the options are disgusting in their rejection as they are in their acceptability.They constitute the two-headed snake which demands workable unity for functional progression. However, towards the functional progression of the two-headed snake in Ngbilebiri-Mein kingship matter, meaningful reflections should be cast on these, even if as an internal monologue only verbalised when adequately awakened to its fulness in terms of practicability and applicability to the burning kingship issues in our only traditional home.

3.The Pere-in-Council comprising all the chiefs in Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom should quickly fix a date for the funeral rites of the late king before this 2023 sails into obscurity. In doing this, no individual should be consulted except the institutions in the kingdom functionally linked to such issues. The Council should take no dictation from any personality however the status. After all the needed traditional rites associated with the departed king have been observed, the Ogiogio Ruling House should be at liberty to formalise the king’s coronation.

Even at the risk of repetition I dare say again that the burial rites of the departed king, His Royal Majesty Bigboroagha II, must be performed before the end of this 2023. No Jupiter has the prerogative to question the PERE-IN-COUNCIL when the burial day is eventually fixed because it is purely a kingdom matter over which the Pere-in-Council is vested with the right and authority to rule after relevant consultations with relevant institutions.

4.I want the Pere-in-Council to be firm and note that they should not allow anyone to dictate to them anything concerning when and how the departed king should be buried provided it is within the traditional provisions of Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom.The waiting is too long. Sons and daughters of Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom should not be part of the game of blaming one another over this or over that despite the long period of waiting.The way forward is to produce result.

Let us bury all the invasive tempting egos and channel all resources towards the burial of the departed king and towards the coronation of a new king.In this kingship matter everybody is right; in this kingship matter everybody is wrong; in this kingship matter everybody should now work together because we are all casualties right from 2017 to 2023.

As casualties nutritiously fed by Jp Clark’s ‘Casualties’, we should work together as casualties who have decided to become casualties of rightness, not casualties getting ready to flex muscles for confrontational engagement, but as casualties ready for conciliatory and reconciliatory engagement anchored on the belief that the storm is over in Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom and that the kingdom is endowed with the power to walk proudly on the right historical path however the centrifugal power and ingenuity of the tempest because dawn is always the harvest of every dark night.


Writes from Akparemogbene, Delta State.