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Tinubu suspends import duties of food stuffs for six-month 




By Stephen Asaba-ase


Following the outcry of the Ijaw Publishers’ Forum and other Nigerians to reduce the price of food items, the Federal Government has put a six-month halt on import duties for essential goods like food staples, manufacturing materials, agricultural inputs, and pharmaceutical products.


President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s executive order aims to combat inflation and price instability. The suspension covers critical items such as fertilizers, seedlings, chemicals, poultry feed, flour, and grains, and also provides a rebate by fixing the exchange rate at N800 to $1 for six months.

However, IPF appreciated president Bola Ahmed Tinubu for listening to the outcry of Nigerians in a view of addressing the hardship in the country.

To boost productivity, the government has ordered the expedited clearance of agricultural equipment, food items, and manufacturing inputs at ports, aiming to reduce processing time by 50%. The order encourages states and local governments to adopt similar measures to enhance productivity.