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Tinubu will rule Nigeria-Asonja



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

The Supreme Court’s ruling confirming President Bola Tinubu’s election has been characterized by Niger Delta leader Chief Idowu Asonja as the required remedy for the President to turn the nation around.

“Nigeria will surely work under President Tinubu,” he stated.

According to Asonja, the manner the justices of the Supreme Court handled the case and disregarded every point the petitioners had made demonstrated that the judiciary would always be the cornerstone of democracy.

Asonja, the Ondo State Commandant of Tantita Security, a company that guards and maintains the country’s oil lines, congratulated the President on overcoming what he called the final obstacle to the verification of his election win in a statement released on Saturday.

“Nigerians know who they elected as their president,” he declared. “Now that the Supreme Court has upheld their right to vote, it is time to address issues about the people’s well-being, and I am confident that President Tinubu will restore the hope of Nigerians.”

The security expert praised Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi, the petitioners, for choosing to go to court rather than inciting violence, but added, “Now that all the election processes have

He gave his word that the Tantita Security Services would keep the Niger Delta peaceful and ensure that the nation’s primary revenue stream remained safe.

“Going forward, Tantita would continue to explore all humanitarian options to enhance the development of the coastal area,” Asonja pledged, urging the youths and residents of the Niger Delta region to embrace peace and development.