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A letter from Hon.Forteta Peter Asupa to Enekorogha, Edegbene and Oboro in ward four, and Ayakoromo in ward seven reveals that he lost his international passport in the early part of 2023.The letter did not reveal how Asupa lost his international passport because it did not want to burden readers with the HOWS which may birth and exhume monsters already dead and buried.Asupa’s planned journeys to his choice places became jinxed and barricaded when he lost his valued international passport. However, this lost passport must be searched and found as a navigational enabler for him to journey again.This was why Asupa wrote to these communities to help in the search for his lost passport.

Promptly, Enekorogha, Edegbene and Oboro wrote back to Asupa that they were ready to search for it like Okolo in Gabriel Okara’s novel,The Voice, and had already started the search. At it already with amazing speed for days Enekorogha community needed an engine boat to quicken the search and the discovery of Asupa’s international passport.With speed Asupa gave the Enekorogha community 15-horse power engine to quicken the search for it

At Edegbene and Oboro communities in ward four in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State the people had grown so weary from their enthusiastic and dedicated search for Asupa’s international passport that they became thirsty and needed water for energy-renewal.Asupa went to Edegbene and Oboro communities and gave them pipe-borne water through borhole being sunk now.With engine and water at the command of these communities, they have renewed their efforts to search and discover Asupa’s international passport needed for him to journey to the Delta State House of Assembly on 3 February 2024.

The people of Ayakoromo in ward seven in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State had been similarly intimated with details of Asupa’s lost international passport through a special epistolary communication.With the reawarding of the Ayakoromo bridge project to Setraco by Governor Oborevwori, the renovation of Ayakoromo town hall, the completed primary school building projects in Akparemogbene and Oyangbene communities, the Ayakoromo people said they are efforfully in search of Asupa’s lost international passport. Guided ideologically by the newly created political theory named ‘Gbeiinism’ – which is a theory of electoral firmness in support of Asupa and the PDP family, the Ayakoromo people have detailed Asupa that they already know the nautical miles to be consumed in the bid to discover the lost international passport. For Ayakoromo people they have been energised enough by the ongoing Ayakoromo bridge project and other development projects initiated and completed in the community through Asupa’s legislative network to work devotedly until the international passport is found and retrieved from wherever it is

On 22 and 23 January 2024 the formidable political heavyweights in Burutu politics stormed Enekorogha, Edegbene, Oboro and Ayakoromo in Burutu Local Government Area and spread the political gospel of Asupa whose re-run election into the Delta State House of Assembly will be held on 3 February 2024. Before this politically channelled journey to market Asupa and lay the foundation for Asupa’s victory was embarked upon, the top Burutu politicians ideologically allied themselves with the political theory named ‘Oshowbeyism’, a theory of political togetherness and unity envisioned to collectively channel resources towards the electoral success of any person politically affiliated to PDP, propounded by Dr King Alfred Izonebi of Ndoro, Torugbene and Oyangbene.

After a deliberate operationalisation of Izonebi’s Oshowbeyism, Burutu politicians like Chief Julius Takeme, Rt. Hon. Julius Pondi, Hon.Combolous Ikisa, Hon. Godknows Angele, Rt.Hon. Funkekeme Solomon, Kofee Ebisine Amasuomo, Shadrack Agediga, Chief Emmanuel Amgbadugba, Mr Richard Tuedon, Hon.Sunny Perekeme, Ozobo Austin, Paul Kurugbe, Edumogiren Godwin, Ebike Oromoni, Gogi Serikoromo, Georgina Evah, Ignatius Ziakegha, Anthony Dauyeibo, Hon.Ayabotu Otoro and many others have collectively taken a stand to work with dedication and guarantee the electoral victory of Hon.Asupa on 3 February 2024.

Sufficiently ‘Oshowbeyeducated’ and ‘Oshowbeyified’ as a theoretical empowerment rooted in Izonebi’s Oshowbeyism, Burutu politicians journeyed respectively to ward four and ward seven on 22 and 23 January 2024 with the gospel that Asupa be electorally empowered on 3 February 2024 during the scheduled re-run election.Because the top Burutu politicians have chosen to speak in one voice in support of Asupa and the PDP family, Chief Julius Takeme, the Delta South Senatorial District PDP Chairman, and Rt.Hon.Julius Pondi, the member representing Burutu Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, and many others felt it a moral obligation for them to sensitise the PDP family in Enekorogha, Edegbene, Oboro and Ayakoromo communities to embrace political Oshowbeyism as a political weapon to guide them to guarantee Asupa’s deserved electoral victory because electoral victory should be only given to an ordained man who is developmentally impactful.

Subject to the sensitisation visits and campaign interestingly led by Chief Julius Takeme on 22 and 23 January 2024, Enekorogha, Edegbene and Oboro communities have revealed that Asupa is developmentally impactful enough in their areas to merit their votes bound to guarantee his approaching victory.For Ayakoromo people ideologically distinguished by their political theory named GBEIINISM, now in strategic alliance with Izonebi’s Oshowbeyism pragmatically mouthed by Burutu politicians as a strategic ideological guide, Asupa’s victory is actualised with a mere operationalisation of the theory of GBEIINISM purposefully connected to political Oshowbeyism.With the supportive clear signals from ward four and ward seven, Asupa’s worries are over because their released words will be pragmatised on that scheduled day of 3 February 2024.

Theoretical captivation and possession appears to have stormed Burutu politicians. All the Burutu politicians have decided to ideologise Izonebi’s Oshowbeyism as a strategic guide in their collective journey to empower Asupa ELECTORALLY. All the people in Enekorogha, Edegbene and Oboro are firm in their resolve to give their votes to Asupa. All the Ayakoromo people have decided to operationalise their GBEIINISM theory in strategic alliance with Oshowbeyism and ELECTORALLY crown Asupa as the unstoppable victor on 3 February 2024. All these are visible signals that Asupa’s letter that detailed his lost international political passport in 2023 has been warmly received and responded to by all.

The lost international political passport of Asupa shall be found on 3 February 2024 because the Burutu politicians, ward four and ward seven are captivatingly walking on identical path to guarantee the electoral victory of Asupa.This means that Forteta Peter Asupa’s representational international passport shall be found on 3 February 2024 – which is the required legislative enablement for Asupa to journey developmentally to any part of Burutu North Constituency. At last Asupa’s letter and visit to Enekorogha, Edegbene, Oboro in ward four and Ayakoromo in ward seven in January 2024 were not in vain as the dividends have already begun to walk everywhere with a flourish.Congratulations to Asupa in advance!

By: Ekanpou Enewaridideke
Writes from Akparemogbene in Delta State.