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What caused Mohbad’s death…



By Miracle Esegha, Warri

Mohbad passed away after being injected with anti-tetanus toxoid, paracetamol, intravenous medication, and tetrazine but due to the high concentration of alcohol and drugs in his body, this injection triggered a reaction that caused him to vomit, develop goosebumps, and experience convulsions, ultimately leading to his sudden departure.

He sustained an injury on the 10th of September after punching the glass of his car in Ikorodu while attempting to strike his childhood friend, Primeboy. Primeboy claimed to have been trying to calm him down following a heated argument with his wife, Wunmi.

Upon returning home, his entourage failed to properly manage the wound, which worsened over time. On the 12th of September, his friend called an auxiliary nurse to come and help manage the wound at his home, and the rest was history.

The question now is, what was the nature of Mohbad’s argument with his wife that led to a physical altercation with his friend?

Why did his wife never show concern over his wound?

Why did they have to wait for two days before calling a nurse after assessing his condition?