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Woman you didn’t meet as virgin has no business wearing white gown on wedding day – Nigerian man says



By Sola Omoniyi, Lagos

A Nigerian man, Neo, has said that a woman who is not a virgin has no business wearing a white gown on her wedding day as white signifies purity.

Neo, who stated this on Saturday, October 14, while responding to a post about weddings, also said a non-virgin has no right to demand an expensive wedding.

“A woman who you did not meet and marry as a virgin has no business using a white wedding gown on the wedding day. White Signifies purity, so a non-virgin has no business wearing a white wedding gown,” he said.

“Your wedding should never cost more than 20% of your annual income. If you make 150k monthly, that’s N1.8m annually. Your wedding should not cost more than 360k.

“Any woman who will not align with your budget for a wedding has no business being your wife in the first place. A woman who you did not meet as a virgin is not even in any position to demand an expensive wedding.

“Insanity is having a dream wedding that you wouldn’t be funding or contributing a dime to. As a man, it is not your duty to fund the teenage wedding imaginations (dreams) of women

“Irrespective of all the billions you spend on your wedding day, you will not satisfy all your guests, and it will not have any bearing whatsoever on the success of your marriage.

“More than 70% of women are much more interested in the wedding than they are in the marriage

“Stop allowing the media and society to brainwash you into believing the wedding is all about the bride. The wedding won’t hold if the groom is not in attendance. It’s not her day anything, it’s a day for both the groom and the bride,” he added

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