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By Asiayei Enaibo

When a man is good, we should applaud him by his commitment, when he is weak we should also encourage him to strengthen his policies, if he is bad in leadership, we should tell him of his failures, when he is good, we should rate him by his performance, but today I have come to celebrate a man who break chain of educational segregation of the riverine people for the first time.

The land was in tension, the night was too thick to move, insecurity collapsed all the sectors, oil was on fire, income was out. The creeks boiled awaiting to explode, has it been that long that you have forgotten so soon some years ago?
You must not forget Uduaghan at Dawn in a hurry.

The key to security, he unclothed his SSG gown at night, he unclothed his Governorship gown at night, when both of us where sleeping, Uduaghan’s two eyes were open, he moved to the creeks with taxi and boat at Night to ensure peace. When the night was a threat to you and I, he was a friend to the night so that we both could sleep and snore freely but today, you have close your mind against goodness of yesterday, when our communities were on fire, someone was a firefighter at Night to all the Lion camps, silent boat at night, as the freedom fighters asked Who goes there? Your Governor Uduaghan, in silent Voice, commander! said to the boys, “lower your sticks na him”
You must not Forget Uduaghan at Dawn in hurry in Delta State.

When you impregnated your wife in love yesters years, He took care of the bills with free medication during his governance, women come home without spending a dime in the hospital, because you know now that your children have grown up you have forgotten Uduaghan at Dawn, when you were having headaches, you have eaten the flesh with failing memories of hatred thoughts, when tribalism eats up your memories, so you have forgotten goodness at dawn of a new day and today you never remember the night you were once in?

Yes, when all transport fare was high, when we couldn’t go the University in Abraka, Uduaghan came to us with transport scheme and we went to school on free fare, I have graduated from Delsu on free fare, you must not forget Uduaghan at dawn.

When a man stands to face the storm on your behalf, say thank you to him, because, there will be another storm tomorrow, for the storm-wager will not be there for your ungrateful heart.

Don’t forget the time of Amnesty, don’t forget the time of rejoicing of the creek.
He was too gentle and calm, he never talked. when he was not moving for peace for your notice, he knew what good governance entails.

Today, a man was born keenly into the Earth of humanity, and his footsteps and footprints bring that long battle to an end in Delta State.

Join me, Let’s step forth to appreciate Chief Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan the former Governor of Delta State as he celebrates his birthday today as an Ambassador of peace to the South South region
You must not forget Uduaghan at Dawn.
Sir, in this your new circle of life, I wish you good health and long life for what you have done that cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

Happy birthday sir.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from GbaramatuVoice Media Centre.

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