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3 killed, 19 injured as bomb explodes in Beer Joint



By Enekorogha Godbless

An explosion rocked the peace of a beer spot in Iware, Ardo Kola Local Government Area of Taraba state as three (3) were killed and nineteen (19) persons injured at the bar.

However, one of the Locals in Iware lamented that the bomber came to the bar in disguise of a customer.

The local asserted that the hoodlum came with an explosive which was hidden in a dark polythene bag, adding that he carefully dropped it at the drinking spot and left.

He said, “the two guys came to the drinking spot as if they wanted to buy the local beer.

“After they were served the one holding the poly bag containing the bomb dropped his beer and the polythene bag and left.

“The accomplice then said he was going to look for his friend and would come back.

“After he had also left, the bomb exploded and many people were injured while some others were killed.”

The Police command spokesperson of Taraba state confirmed the incident which occurred on Tuesday and maintained that about three persons died while nineteen others were injured at the scene.