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Bloodbath as 14 dignitaries killed in Kaduna community



By Enekorogha Godbless

Tension is mounting in Kakura Community in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State on Sunday, after the killing of its leader, Isiaku Madaki, which led to the death of 14 others dignitaries in the community milieu.

Congress gathered that, the community Kakura sworn-in one of their most vibrant leader Mr. Madaki as the head of the community on Saturday but unfortunately he was killed by an unknown gunmen on Sunday, a day after he became the head of the community.

The scenario took place at the early hours of Sunday morning when Christ worshippers were anticipating for service.

One of the locals popularly known as Baban David asserted that late Madaki was given the mantle of power on Saturday to carry out the administrations of the community.

Baban said, “We all gathered in his residence earlier in the day (Saturday) to rejoice with him over his appointment. We were shocked when in the early hours of today (Sunday), we began to hear gunshots.

“We were afraid and we could not come out of our houses. Later we were told that the gunmen had killed him in the presence of his wife and family.

“We found his dead body lying on the ground. His wife told us the gunmen broke into their residence and shot him. They did not take anything, neither did they abduct anybody.”

Also, in the early hours of the day one Mr. Mallam Buhari asserted that the aborigines gathered the Fulani milieu and told them to evecuate the place, though he described them as “hypocrites.”

According to Buhari as they were anticipating to evacuate the area they were attacked by the hoodlums and most of them were assassinated, “on our way out of the village, we counted four corpses. Later on the bush path, there were dead bodies of ten others littered on the ground.”

They asserted that, most persons from the community as left due to fear of insecurity and instability in the community. As a result of this we have deployed security officials to the community to maintain peace, order and stability.

According to the Locals, we tried informing the command’s Public Relations Officer Mr. Mohammed Jalige about the situation at hand but he discarded our calls and even refused to reply with a text messages. When we called him, we noticed that is line was busy we were amazed with his refusal to reply the text messages sent to him by our community leaders also.