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Ijaw kick over the assassination of Igbiriki Abacha in Udu



Unease among Ijaws in Warri, Delta state over the suspected killing of one of their son, Igbiriki Abacha on Orhuworun road on Saturday.

The incident had been reported earlier by our reporter. The deceased Ijaw boy hailed from Ofuniama Community in Edo state.

Recall, that the sad killing took place on Saturday when unknown gunmen trailed and killed the deceased. They were two in the vehicle during the incident but one survived the attack.

Angry Ijaw youths had said they are investigating the incident and would not allow the continuous killing of Ijaws living on Udu road.

A prominent Ijaw youth leader, name withheld added that the killing is premeditated, noting that too many Ijaws had been killed unlawfully in Udu recently.

“The young boy that was assassinated was my cousin, Igbiriki Abacha by name.” The incident leading to his death is still under investigation.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Comr Tina Tobusi National woman leader IYC WORLD WIDE

    April 11, 2022 at 12:28 am

    This udu young people killing ijaw youth more be stop or x we will be a big problem tomorrow for udu road ,I want the ijaw leaders in the udu road come together and cal the governor of delta state to say know for this killing of ijaw youth all time
    Haaaaaaijaw!!!!!!!!!!izonEkeme Emu

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