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Delta Govt Demands Refund of Salaries of Doctors, Nurses, Scientists Traveled For Abroad Jobs




By Miracle Esegha


The Delta State Government has ordered doctors, nurses, and scientists on its payroll who have traveled abroad for jobs to refund their salaries.


According to the State Health Commissioner, Dr. Joseph Onojame, over 200 absentee health workers were discovered in a recent audit, with many having left the country in the last few years. The government has removed them from the payroll and is taking steps to address corruption and malpractice in the health sector, including examination malpractice and admission racketeering in the Department of Nursing.


The commissioner emphasized that the government is committed to sanitizing the health sector and ensuring that only dedicated professionals remain in the system. Refunds have been made for illegal fees collected from students, and disciplinary action will be taken against a lecturer found guilty of exam malpractice. The government is committed to ensuring merit-based progression and an end to corrupt practices like “pay for score.”