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Ezekiel writes open letter to President Tinubu over attack on Tantita facility, malicious publication on Tompolo





It is pitiable that some adults can constitute themselves to dance a dance of shame in public glare without recourse to respect for themselves and the sanctity of the kingdom they hail from. Blatant lies are told by them and a campaign of calumny has become their stock in trade in exchange for crumbs.
In our clime, it is pertinent that these crops of barefaced liars are addressed with some venom and their lies be debunked to always keep the records straight thereby avoiding a misinformation of the general public.

First, no doubt that the stellar personality of the GOC, the High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo and his giant strides in the Niger Delta nay Nigeria have made him a household name and has further earned him recognition from the seat of power in Nigeria and beyond. I should not bore you with the history of why, when and how the federal government of Nigeria awarded his company, Tantita Security Services Limited the surveillance job and how the company has lived up to expectations in safeguarding our oil facilities and ecosystem. We also know of the number of hands deployed under Tantita across states in the Niger Delta to carry out this all-important task.
However, there was a fallout between the GOC and some of his supposed loyalists and commandants whom he raised, nurtured and groomed from their wretched backgrounds to the limelight, among whom is Bibopere Ajube.
These unscrupulous elements decided to bite the fingers that fed them ungratefully. They were shown the exit and booted out for their treachery and summarily replaced by more men of impeccable character like High Chief Idowu Asonja who was commissioned to hold sway in the Ondo axis. This action throws backstabbers and traitors off balance. They have now smelt the coffee and realized no free money was coming to them anymore for them to plot against their benefactor. They have now resorted to whipping up all forms of unfounded sentiments and falsehood.
Their paymaster Bibopere Ajube was recorded in a voice conversation issuing threats to Commander Idowu. He and his criminal-minded gang have stooped further low in destroying vehicles and properties of the Tantita Security Services when they invaded the company office in a commando style in Ondo State. How lowly can they go? This disgruntled, irresponsible, reprehensible and charlatan Bibopere Ajube have forgotten the gutter he was picked from.

In furtherance of their shameful display, they are now foolishly playing the card of pitching one ethnic group against the other that evil and divisive failures are behind it. That the laudable job being carried out by the Tantita group in Ondo state can trigger a clash between the good people of Arogbo Ibe and their Ilaje neighbours? This is laughable?

In a nutshell, it is high time the recklessness of crude illiterate Bibopere and his criminal foot soldiers be addressed squarely and brought to book for undermining and destroying properties of a recognised company under federal government contract by security agencies.

As a critical stakeholder in Ijaw Nation, l am appealing to Mr President to use his good office to direct relevant authorities to do the needful by launching an investigation on the heinous dealings of Bibopere and his frustrated lots. Little wonder, various groups in Arogbo are coming out to speak against their lies and informing the public that these clowns are not speaking on behalf of the good people of the kingdom. They are to be further exposed and be made to face the wrath of the law. Enough of their shenanigans!
God bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria!

Comrade Daniel Ezekiel
Niger Delta Human Rights Activist.