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Guber poll: ‘Our candidate will change the fortunes of Kogi’ – Action Alliance Chairman



By Hannah Nathan, Warri.

The Acting Chairman of Action Alliance (AA), Kogi State chapter, Fred Ambo, says the party’s governorship candidate, Olayinka Braimoh, has what it takes to turn the fortunes of the state around.

Addressing a press briefing in Lokoja on Saturday, the party chairman said Braimoh stands out among other candidates in the Kogi governorship race with his clear vision for the state and actionable plans to develop Kogi.

Ambo said having moved around most wards in Kogi State, he is confident that Braimoh will emerge victorious on November 11.

“Aside from being the most accessible among the governorship candidates, Braimoh is the brightest among the pack.

“Our governorship candidate has engaged people in the nooks and crannies of the state, touring most wards across the 21 local government areas in Kogi state.

“He has presented a very clear and detailed vision for the state as encapsulated in his STAT Agenda. His plans to create and distribute wealth remains the most practical approach to the challenges bedevilling Kogi State,” he said.

He, however, urged the general public to ignore the former chairman of Action Alliance in the state, Musa Ukwenya, who, according to him, is trying to defraud unsuspecting politicians that he still leads the party in Kogi.

He explained that Ukwenya ceased to be state chairman of the party after the Supreme Court judgement that affirmed the current national leadership of the party.

Ambo said his coming on board was necessitated by the dismissal of the suit by Kenneth Udeze challenging Adekunle Rufai Omoaje, the National Chairman of Action Alliance.

“Musa Ukwenya belonged to the Udeze faction and had since ceased to be chairman of the party in Kogi State. After a series of legal battles, the Supreme Court laid the problem to rest by recognising Omoaje as the authentic chairman of the party. The Omoaje-led national leadership is the one recognised by INEC.

“We, the executives and members of Action Alliance, want to make it categorically clear that the party is intact and in support of the assignment of Otunba Olayinka Braimoh for the state.

“Without mincing words, AA in Kogi remains one house and body determined to win this election. We urge all our members not to be distracted by the activities of the former chairman, Musa Ukwenya, who has been going about to disparage our movement for a better Kogi State,” he said.

He urged other members not to be distracted but to remain focused on winning the November governorship election.

Responding to questions from newsmen, Ambo said the AA governorship candidate is in the race to win and will not step down for another candidate as has been speculated in some quarters.

“Rather, we expect candidates to step down for Olayinka Braimoh before November 11. He is stepping up, and won’t step down for anyone.”

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