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Inikorogha Amakosuwei denies video, publication accredited to him on endorsing Okubor criminal activities



• Ezekiel insists politics should be separated from criminality

Following the recent accusations and counter-accusations of violence and suppression in Inikorogha community, the Amakosuwei of the community, Chief Jospeh Megbuwei,has said he stood with his earlier position that Inikorogha community has been manipulated by Robert Okubo and his cohorts.

The Amakosuwei, maintained that the statement and purported video accredited to him for refuting his earlier publication was doctored by Robert Okubo and his cohorts.

He stated this through his son, Mr. Atigha Megbuwei, insisting that the public should disregard such framed up lies in the recent Vanguard publication about him.

The family, speaking via Atigha asserted that the 98 years old Amakosuwei was manipulated through a lawyer, Damian with a promise of 2m naira.

The family said every facts it has given to Vanguard and other media houses remained the fact and the only facts.

Meanwhile, Comrade Ezekiel Daniel has said that people now tagged him as trouble maker because of his hard positions against criminal activities of Okubo in Inikorogha Community.

The activist said he was not scare of criminal elements tagging him names, but will continue to ensure their are brought to book to answer their heinous crimes against God and humanity.

When contacted Comrade Tikima L. Arigban, a spokesperson to the elders in the community, he confirmed that the Amakosuwei’s statement was manipulated.

Arigban, said the Amakosuwei was abducted and threatened to support Okobor activities but he refused. He was also hypnotized to make statement to support Okubor’s activities which was also unsuccessful.

The youth leader insisted that the earlier information given by the Amakosuwei to the media remained the facts and the only truth.

According to Comrade Daniel Ezekiel:”There is a saying that an injustice any where, is an injustice everywhere.
Whether, my being from Olodiama clan is inconsequential but since Inikorogha is an Ijaw community, and being an Ijaw activist, it is my duty to join hands with other agents of change to liberate that community from the yoke of terrorism, gangsterism , beaten, killing and other forms of repressive acts that keep the community under Robert Okubo bondage for years.

He continued:”The latest name I am tag now is trouble maker.
Well, evil doers are bound to see me as a trouble maker because of my firm positions that Robert Okubo and his terrorist gang reigns at Ikoro, Ekewan, Gelegele and Iboro communities, with Inikorogha as their HUB must come to an end through instrumentality of the law of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Ezekiel, said the Interim Executive of the community was personally endorsed by the Amakosuwei, but Okubo refused to allow them to function.

He further noted that Okobor imposed his brother as Community chairman for the past 10years, adding that the Amakosuwei didn’t says those lies published by Okobor in the recent time.

He stressed:”How can a small boy hold the whole riverine area hostage by force of arms , terror and fear ?.In this 21 century?, Haba, it is not done sir. If leading the campaign for government to do the needful is the reason they see me as a trouble maker, honestly l will take it as a compliment.
Another cheap blackmail by these terrorists to dissuade security agents from doing their job is their noise of being targeted for being APC members. This is nothing but pure lie to bamboozle Nigerians.

“The issue on ground has nothing to do with politics, but pure criminal acts being unleash at Inikorogha and other riverine communities . Politics ended the day Governor Godwin Obaseki was announced as the winner of the election on 20/09/2020.
So his lamentation of weaving APC and PDP into the ragging issue is to curry sympathy of outsiders that knows nothing about the subject matter.

‘The shooting of China Samuel on 10/12/20, and the shooting of Felix Gbale on 07/04/2021, who up to this moment have not been able to walk with their legs. He did these because of APC and PDP rival too?
Oma Arigba house at Inikorogha that was totally destroyed in 22/06/2021 by Robert and his terror gang, is it politics too? What about Choke, Oma and several others that were banished from the community, are these APC and PDP battle too?.

“What about A.T. and P crain that these criminal elements looted a month ago at Inikorogha.
The crain was caught by Nigerian Army at Ekewan road,and transfered to Edo state police command, Benin city.

“As we are talking, the crain is in police custody, is this APC/PDP and politics too?
On what capacity are these gangsters banishing people who refused to do their bidding from Inikorogha community ? Is Robert custodian and authority of Inikorogha that his words are law that must be obey at all cost ?.

“What about Ernest Ibinebi whose corpse has not been seen up to this moment after the young man was lured to Inikorogha water side on 13/11/2013 by Robert and was brutally murdered in cold blood. The young man was not from Inikorogha, rather he hailed from Ekewan community.

“What about arming of Robert Oko a.k.a Olotu at MILE 3, Posiwe, alias, seniorman from Abere community with various weapons. Is there election that warrant Robert Okubo turning riverine communities into weapons depot ?.
What has politics gat to do with massive invasion of Okomu national Forest ,where Andrew Igiri acts as the eyes of his boss ( Robert) in coordinating the illegal logging activity running into several millions of naira that is rapidly destroying Nigerians heritage.

“On 22/08/2021, Robert sent his boys under the command of one Posiwe, alias Seniorman to attack Okorodudu settlement camp inside Okomu forest which led to the death of one Taye, while 2 others sustained various degree of injuries, simply because they refused to pay levy of 300,000 naira to Robert. Is this APC and PDP matter too?

“Is this the reason Robert and his gang refused to honor several security agents invitations ?. Is senator Orji Kalu not APC member, did he not face the law for his crimes ? Crime has no political, region or party colouration. So when you run against the law, you must face the consequence.

“I can tell you with total confidence that the person who is selling this ideal of tagging a criminal matter as APC and PDP is militant leader,
another criminal hiding under APC, in Ondo state, who from time to time do send several of his boys to Inikorogha to be constituting all manners of barbarities. Robert has boasted severally that his boss, Bibopere had taken him to some powers that be in Abuja who are APC members, who promised that nobody can do him anything.

“But l did reply them that this country belongs to all of us be it APC, PDP, APGA e.t.c ,so nobody will be allow to hide under being a member of ruling party to commit havoc” reiterated.