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Lawyers give 48-hour ultimatum to Kano Govt to reverse decision to reinstate Emir Sanusi



By Peters Monday, Abuja

A group of lawyers from Northern Nigeria, known as the Northern Lawyers’ Forum, has given Kano State Governor Abba Yusuf a 48-hour ultimatum to reverse his decision to reinstate Emir Muhammad Sanusi II.

The lawyers claimed that Sanusi’s reinstatement is unconstitutional and goes against the traditions and customs of the Kano Emirate. They argued that his initial removal was lawful and in line with the Emirate’s traditions, and that his reinstatement would create chaos and undermine the rule of law in the state.

The group’s Director General, Barr Umar Sadiq Abubakar, accuses Governor Yusuf of disrespecting the judiciary by ignoring a Federal High Court ruling that barred him from reinstating Sanusi.

According to Abubakar, Yusuf’s attempt to obtain an injunction from the Kano State High Court to override the Federal High Court’s order is a threat to the authority of the higher court and sets a dangerous precedent that undermines the hierarchy of the country’s courts.

The group warned that if the governor failed to comply, they will take all necessary legal action to protect the judiciary and the interests of the people of Kano State.

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